Luxury Dining Redefined By Matbox

Luxury Dining Redefined By Matbox

Sabi Phagura takes a look at the MATBOX™ concept from the Posh Trading Company

With the rise of cooking and baking programmes on our television screens, we are all becoming more and more interested in putting our own cooking skills to the test. As a result, dinner parties have increasingly become a significant opportunity to impress and show off. Hosts are going to greater efforts to put on a spectacular spread – and it’s not just the food that is getting the red carpet treatment.

Interior experts continue to redefine the notion of luxury, and the design focus for dining has shifted from pure purpose to impeccable aesthetics. Enter Matbox, a truly unique concept, seamlessly blending practicality with beautiful design.

Created by top-end homeware and accessories specialists, Posh Trading Company, the brainchild of award-winning interior designer Sarah Ward, Matbox is a collection of three serving mats, eight placemats and eight double coasters, encased in either a beautiful lacquered or striking acrylic clear box.

The statement design piece comes in a silver leaf and lacquer finish, in a spectrum of en vogue hues, from pearlised rouge to iridescent anthracite, with the option of eggshell inserts and bespoke Shagreen finishes, available at the buyer’s request.

The philosophy of the Posh Trading Company on all their products is two-fold: to bring unique products to the market that are not available in the UK, and to work with materials that are transient between the jewellery, fashion and the homeware market. As expected, the goods are of high quality and have visual appeal, and the brand is fast becoming recognised internationally.

The company works closely with the UKTI, and the products are recognised as British designed and produced or finished in the UK. It is the result of the government’s initiative to encourage small to medium-sized businesses to export products and ideas globally.

Matbox pricing and availability

Matbox is priced from £390.00 for lacquer coasters and mats presented in a lacquer box, and £950.00 for lacquer coasters and mats in an acrylic box. Bespoke finishes are available, POA.

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