M RAW Bar Launches ‘Love Yourself Detox’ Menu

M RAW Bar Launches ‘Love Yourself Detox’ Menu 1

London’s first gourmet gluten-free restaurant, M RAW, has launched an exciting new menu filled with goodness – just in time for your New Year’s resolution.

M RAW Bar Launches ‘Love Yourself Detox’ Menu 4

January marks an exciting time for all. After recharging our batteries over Christmas, we’re ready to hit the ground running with our 2018 goals.

If you’ve set yourself the goal to stay fit and healthy, one thing you might not be looking forward to is giving up indulgences like fine dining.


Fear-not foodies, M RAW at M Victoria St, London, has come to the rescue with its new ‘Love Yourself Detox’ menu, available from 14 January until Valentine’s Day.

The restaurant is one of the very few gluten-free eateries in the capital and the new menu, at just £29 a head, offers diners sensory stimuli on a plate.

Expect eye-catching colours, incredible flavours and unique textures. In fact, the food is SO tasty that you’ll hardly believe how good it is for you.

M RAW Bar Launches ‘Love Yourself Detox’ Menu 5

The detox menu features five courses served with matching drinks, and it’s packed with superfoods to make you feel great.

Menu highlights include a fragrant and nutrient-rich bone broth, a salmon tartare designed to be eaten with your hands and a sustainably-caught Blue Cobia served with healing turmeric and wheatgrass.

“We had the idea to create an edible and drinkable spa,” says Executive Chef Michael Reid.

M RAW Bar Launches ‘Love Yourself Detox’ Menu 6
Executive Chef Michael Reid

“We think you can get the benefits of a day at the spa without the tedium of actually going to one! Our ‘Love yourself Detox Menu’- is just as exciting, 100% gluten-free and satisfying as our traditional M RAW menu but it helps us all keep the promises we made at New Year and which by now we have completely ignored or even forgotten.”

“At the end of the meal guests will have enjoyed wonderful contrasting flavours and textures, and be able to glow in the satisfaction of having a truly original yet healthy meal and feeling completely satisfied,” says Michael.

M RAW Bar – Where and How

M RAW Bar Is located at M, Zig Zag Building, 74 Victoria St, London, SW1E 6SQ.

M Raw Bar Private Dining Room in London
M Raw Bar Private Dining Room
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