Sleeping On The Job To Review Mammoth’s Advanced Shine Mattress

The Mammoth Shine mattress.

The mattress is of course only one important component of the bed, and to get the full Mammoth experience, I purchased a matching divan base with two drawers. There are various configurations (i.e. no drawers or up to four of them), plus an array of colours to choose from, and they are manufactured by a business contracted to The Foam Company, rather than by Mammoth themselves.

Sleeping On The Job To Review Mammoth’s Advanced Shine Mattress 3

This means that for the money you pay, the ultimate attention to detail is lacking, so this is worth bearing in mind when placing the order. Ours had a minimal difference in height and the two pieces of the base were also slightly offset from one another.

Mammoth offers two choices of a pillow with its beds, and I opted for the Ultimate Deep one, which is recommended for those who prefer to sleep on their side. It is extremely firm (so it’s not for everyone), as it has been designed so that it is high enough to support the gap between the point of the shoulder and head, thereby ensuring good neck support.

The Mammoth verdict
Getting a good night’s sleep is critical to your wellbeing, and this is when the body recuperates from the day’s stresses and strains. I’ve had the opportunity to sleep in many beds with varying degrees of comfort, thanks to undertaking a number of hotel reviews across the globe during the past few years. However, something that I always look forward to, wherever I am, is returning to my own mattress and pillows.

It is recommended that you change your mattress every eight years or so to get the best nocturnal performance, and having become very attached to mine during the past few years, a change was well overdue based on what the experts say. So when Mammoth invited Luxurious Magazine to personally review a Shine Advanced mattress, it was an ideal opportunity to leave behind the comfort of the aforementioned bed and to try something new.

So is the Advanced Shine mattress worth its price tag of £2,000? I must admit that I was intrigued about the hype surrounding Mammoth, and a little sceptical around just how good the mattresses are, as the customer reviews online are indeed very mixed. I thought if some of the world’s most renowned sports stars are using them, they must be something special, but there was only one way to find out – to try one for myself.

Sleeping On The Job To Review Mammoth’s Advanced Shine Mattress 4

As the mattress comes straight from the factory i.e. The Foam Company, one of the first things that you notice once it is unpacked, is that there is a new car-type smell which can linger for a few weeks. Apparently, this is quite common for foam products, so it does need airing regularly with the windows wide open to gradually lessen the aroma over time.

At 30cm deep, 150cm wide and 200cm long, the King Size is also pretty heavy to move when applying fitted sheets, so this need to be taken into consideration, as is the fact that it also sits quite high up when mounted on the divan base.

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