Sleeping On The Job To Review Mammoth’s Advanced Shine Mattress

The Mammoth Shine Mattress.

Acclimatising to the new mattress took some getting used to, as it usually does for any bed that’s not “yours”. After practically a decade of sleeping on the old mattress, which only used pocket springs, lying on one which has the foam element in its construction is a rather different experience, but for the better.

With the Mammoth mattress, you sink into it more as the foam moulds around you, but considering it has 3,000 springs lying underneath, it is not as ‘bouncy’ as you would think. The medium grade is actually quite soft in its consistency and the sensation is that you are sleeping in a bit of a dip.

The degree of comfort is, of course, all down to personal perception, but for me, as soon as you just recline on the Advanced Shine mattress, you can instantly feel that this is a special bed and almost reminds you of a stay in a five-star hotel. It’s so inviting that you don’t want to tear yourself away from it, and therefore makes getting up even harder in the morning.

I’m fortunate in that I have no aches and pains for the bed to nurse back to health, so a review of the healing qualities of a Mammoth mattress will have to wait for another time. However, it’s safe to say that your quality of sleep is significantly improved and is definitely money well spent.

Sleeping On The Job To Review Mammoth’s Advanced Shine Mattress 2

A Mammoth summary
Although the whole Mammoth customer experience was a bit disjointed and didn’t shine as much as it should have done, the mattress clearly stole the limelight above everything else. John Tuton should be hailed as a genius in the world of sleep because he turned a dream into a reality and ultimately channelled his own misfortune into something that literally helps people the world over.

With everyone harking after a good night’s sleep, Mammoth is certainly destined to go from strength to strength.

Mammoth – Where and How?

For more information about the Mammoth range and the Shine® Advanced Medium Pocket mattress, visit

The King Size Shine® Advanced Medium Pocket mattress has an RRP of £1,999.00, and the two-drawer King-sized divan base has an RRP of £720.00. The Ultimate Deep pillow has an RRP of £99.00.

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