Embark on an Exquisite Wine Pairing Journey at Man Ho Chinese Restaurant

Embark on an Exquisite Wine Pairing Journey at Man Ho Chinese Restaurant

The Michelin-starred Man Ho Chinese Restaurant at JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong has unveiled an 8-course wine-pairing menu jointly curated by Executive Chinese Chef Jayson Tang and Sommelier Kelvin Ziea, which consists of a bespoke pairing of Cantonese cuisine spanning a wide range of flavours and sophisticated wines from around the world.

A seasoned talent with almost 20 years of experience in the food and beverage field, Kelvin Ziea is the Sommelier of Man Ho Chinese Restaurant and the person responsible for developing the extensive wine list. His expertise was born from his extensive travels, where he discovered distinctive wineries, along with gaining experience from his time at renowned restaurants as a sommelier.

Kelvin is passionate about exploring unique vintages and enjoys sharing the stories behind them with his guests. The wine pairing journey is designed to be unlike any other, with six handpicked, diverse fine wines. To complement this, Chef Jayson has created a variety of enticing Cantonese delicacies to match the characteristics of the wines.

A selection of the wines and dishes

What’s more, the wines to accompany the first and last course, the appetiser and the dessert, will be served in the omakase style – the Sommelier will offer the best pairing with his professionalism according to the seasonality.

The degustation journey begins with Spring Sparkling Sake paired with Chilled Fresh Squid with Basil, and Crispy Bean Curd Skin Cake Stuffed with Cuttlefish and Sun-dried Squid. While the mild flavours of the squid and cuttlefish are presented in different ways, the slightly sweet sake is crisp and refreshing with bracing acidity, elevating the sweet and umami taste of the seafood.

Complementing the Pan-Fried Silver Pomfret Fillet with Preserved Mustard Greens & Fresh Sansho Pepper Sauce is the Josmeyer Le Fromenteau Pinot Gris 2018. Produced by the famous biodynamic estate in Alsace, France, this elegant and creamy pinot gris exudes notes of dried fruits and smoky minerals, pairing harmoniously with the flavourful fish.

The silver pomfret is first soaked in salted water together with Sichuan pepper and other spices, then left to dry at a low temperature and pan-fried until golden. The rich, preserved vegetable sauce and Sichuan pepper add complexity to the dish.

The third course, Chilled Fish Maw Jelly with duck broth, pickled ginger and balsamic pearls, helps clean your palate for the next course. The decadent Deep-fried Lobster Stuffed with Cheddar Cheese will tantalise your taste buds with the succulent lobster meat and an alluring aroma from a mix of stringy cheese and fermented bean curd.

The savoury dish goes well with the lively, complex notes of pears and citrus in Domaine Michel Niellon Chassagne-Montrachet Blanc 2019, a high-quality Chardonnay from Burgundy, France. The next dish, Shredded Celtuce in Chicken Soup, enlivens your taste buds with the golden-rich soup and delicate flavours from the fresh ingredients.

Braised abalone and slow cooked crispy pigeon

The journey continues with the heavenly match of Braised South African Dried Abalone with Morel Mushrooms and Slow Cooked Crispy Pigeon and Château Latour-Martillac Pessac-Léognan 2014. The three main ingredients of the dish are meticulously sourced from the forest, the sea and the land, respectively. Despite the tastes being distinctive, the equally rich flavours highlight the characteristics of the Bordeaux wine.

After being marinated and air-dried, the pigeon is slow-cooked for three hours and poured over with hot oil. The pigeon meat is served pink, full of game flavours and irresistibly tender, contrasting with the crispy skin.

Enjoy it along with the equally flavourful braised South African 33-head dried abalone and sautéed morel mushrooms for an unrivalled experience. Sip on the full-bodied red wine to reveal the rich aroma of black fruits and crisp acidity. They make for the ideal pairing as the flavours of the dish and fruity scents in the wine are both enhanced.

Braised cat ear noodles and deep fried lobster with cheese

Embrace the exceptional pairing of Braised Home-made Cat Ear Noodles with Crab Meat and Crab Roe, and Robert Plageoles & Fils Vin de Voile 2008. As a unique wine variety, orange wine is made from white grapes in the style of red wine, creating an amber or orange hue.

A pleasant surprise for wine connoisseurs, the smoky notes of dried fruits and grilled nuts, pronounced tannins, as well as the intricate layers of texture from the Mauzac wine, balance the bold and umami flavours of this seafood delicacy. The Chinese speciality Cat Ear Noodles (Maoerduo), handcrafted with Chef Jayson’s recipe, is soft and chewy, and every piece is coated with creamy sauce.

Indulge in the ultimate umaminess as you tuck into crabmeat, crab roe, lobster sauce and lobster foam in one bite. Complete the meal with an indulgent dessert platter paired with a luscious dessert wine or cocktail handpicked by our Sommelier.

The 8-course wine pairing menu with six glasses of wine in tasting portions at Man Ho is available from 6 March for lunch and dinner and is priced at HK$1,880 per person. The menu is available for reservation now on JW eShop.

For enquiries, please call +852 2810 8366 or email [email protected]. The above prices are subject to a 10% service charge. Promotional offers, menu items and prices are subject to change without prior notice.

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