End of an Era Signals A New Chapter for the Marlborough Tour Company

End of an Era Signals A New Chapter for the Marlborough Tour Company

Well known Marlborough locals and tourism industry stalwarts Sue and Chris Godsiff announced their retirement and the sale of their shareholding in Marlborough Tour Company.

“Sue and Chris have done a phenomenal job over a long period of time building the company to where we can now springboard into the future.” says company director Dennis Burkhart. The Godsiff connection will continue on with Chris and Sue’s sons Ryan and Ben on staff.

Nikki de Reeper and Scott McKenzie continue as General Managers, Lodges, HR & Finance, and Sales & Marketing respectively. They will soon be joined by a new CEO whose job it will be to inspire, guide and coordinate the group’s development.

For Chris and Sue, it’s the opening of a new chapter in life, an exciting chapter that comes after a long working career, an entrepreneurial career that has always focused on the Marlborough region and the brilliant opportunities that Marlborough offers.

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Chris goes on to say: “It’s been a huge part of our life and lifestyle for over 25 years, and throughout that time it has always been about the people and our region. It’s a hard decision, but one that has to be made to get on and enjoy some retirement”.

November sees the official emergence of the new MTC Group. The group brings together under a single umbrella, the ownership and management of the existing businesses of:

  • Marlborough Tour Company
  • Furneaux Lodge
  • Punga Cove
  • Cougar Line
  • Pelorus Mail Boat

Pelorus Mail Boat

The public face of each business will continue unchanged, as will staff. “Our business is providing the platform upon which visitors can experience the best of Marlborough.” says Board Director, Dennis Burkhart.

The group’s goal is to deliver a “seamless and unique customer experience” for visitors to the Marlborough region – whether here primarily as guests of MTC Group or other operators. They aspire for visitors to experience the region as guests from their warm welcome to a fond farewell.

From the outset, the group has a picture of building collaboration across the Marlborough tourism sector. “We have a marine background, and so the old saying ‘a rising tide lifts all ships’ make real sense to us.”

This aggregation of the five businesses, with its head office in Marlborough is a welcome addition to the local tourism sector. The holy grail in regional tourism is to achieve the pivotal “extra night stay” for visitors. “Working with the region’s operators, and Destination Marlborough, we are confident that we can make a meaningful contribution to that goal.”

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The business remains 100% Marlborough “owned and operated” with all the shareholders and the Directors, Barbara Burkhart, Dennis Burkhart, Cathy Burkhart and Trevor Burkhart being Marlborough based. “All of the shareholders are deeply grounded in the Marlborough community.”

The business has a strong family orientation and sees projecting those values through the staff to create their guest experience as the key to success.

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