In Conversation with Martin Waller, Founder Of Andrew Martin

In Conversation with Martin Waller, Founder Of Andrew Martin

After months of being forced to staying indoors due to COVID-19, homeowners are seeing their properties a little differently. In this interview, Martin Waller, founder of Andrew Martin, gives Sabi Phagura an insight into how interior design has evolved.

Luxurious Magazine: How did your journey begin as an interior designer begin?
Martin Waller: It started in 1978 because I was always in love with the theatre of retail and what Barbara Hulanicki did at Big Biba, the iconic department store on Kensington High Street.

Martin Waller the founder of Andrew Martin
Martin Waller.

LM: Where do you get your inspirations from for your designs?
Martin: The world is a source of a myriad of exciting treasures, and travel is a voracious source of inspiration for me. Rather than being limited to one style, people are now influenced by the global assortment of design; from the perfect symmetry of the American look, the magic of African tribal artistry, the serenity of Scandinavia, the heritage of French sophistication and the individualism of British décor.

For this reason, I have coined the current decade the kaleidoscope era. Anything goes, and the more unexpected, the better.

LM: Take us through the latest three new cushion collections you’ve launched.
Martin: The key element of these cushion collections (Positano, Beagle/Cocktail and Alphabet) is that they’ll bring a new dimension to your interior. They’re great for layering with other objects. Whether your style is pared-back and elegant, or eclectic and vibrant, layer contrasting colours, such as serene whites and blues for a classic look or pink and greens, make the perfect colour combination for a style statement.

Positano Lime cushion.
Positano Lime cushion.

This collection was inspired by the enduring glamour of Italy’s Amalfi Coast. The modest, geometric embroidered design has been blended with a contemporary colour palette, reflecting the modern luxury and traditional charm of the legendary village the collection is named after.

Against a background of rustic, tactile linen, the collection features watery blue and stony grey colourways or colour combinations of pink and orange, or zingy lime greens, capturing the vibrancy of the painted buildings and beach umbrellas.

Each piece has been smartly finished with complimentary, smooth velvet piping for an added touch of sophistication.

Designed to bring both colour and texture into your home, the Beagle Collection makes the perfect layering pieces. These soft linen fabrics have each been paired with the luxurious tactile Cocktail trims to create a beautiful contrast of texture and tone.
Creamy, off-white linen is combined with the intermingling, deep turquoise threads of Cuban or hot pink Cosmopolitan, whilst the richness of Orchid is brought to life by the vibrancy of Paloma.

For more versatile combinations, luxurious, all-white Vesper flatters crisp Beagle Salt, and the creamy pistachio of Firefly is complimented by the soft greens of Clover Club, with just a hint of contrast from the occasional strands of deep maroon.

With ten different pairings to choose from, each promise to bring to life and a touch of frivolity to any bed, sofa or chair.

The Alphabet collection has been inspired by safaris, bringing storybooks to life. Each letter of the alphabet has been printed onto smooth and durable linen and paired with a vintage-inspired illustration of its corresponding animal sketched out in sepia or graphite tones.

The design is neatly framed by smart velvet, light grey piping which lines the edges of the cushion. Designed to enchant both adults and children alike, these novel designs promise to bring a playful and personalised touch to your home.

Image showing some of the products and soft furnishings available for the bedroom

LM: Aside from cushions, what else can be found on your website for the home?
Martin: Our eco-conscious paint range is the newest addition to Andrew Martin. It’s been developed in the UK and has used the finest pigments to create a palette of 114 colours, available in four finishes. The paint collection is a story of global travel, and the rich borderless design that it inspires, a journey through colour.

Whether collecting Kuba cloth from the Congo or silk ikats from Thailand, global inspiration has been essential for our brand. Imbued with the romance of travel, the upscale paint collection pays tribute to the places that have inspired the brand for over 40 years, the discoveries that they have made, and all the people met along the way.

Couple decorating their home with bright coloured paint

LM: If there was one single item to improve the look and feel of a home, what would that be and why?
Martin: Paint is the simplest way to transform a room – it’s simple, just not easy. Never make the mistake of thinking your home is finished, as it evolves as life unfolds. Finally, my design philosophy is to focus on walls, lighting and objects. These will have the biggest impact on a room, and the rest will fall into place.

LM: Do you think the need to remain at home during the pandemic has resulted in a shift of opinion about what is needed from interiors?
Martin: It has emphasised the importance of homes in people’s lives, not just the home office, but throughout.

LM: Thank you for your time and for providing our readers with such an in-depth explanation of interior design in this current day and age, we very much look forward to catching up with you again in the future.

Andrew Martin – Where and How?

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