The Mazzanti Evantra Bronze Makes a Prancing Horse Look Like a Donkey

The Mazzanti Evantra Bronze in the English countryside on its recent visit to the UK

The tones of Tuscany influences the design of the Evantra Bronze from Mazzanti. Capturing the colours of the sky as the sun sets on a day in the Italian region, the hypercar glistens externally and from within with all its technology. During its recent visit to the UK, Jeremy Webb was invited to cast his experienced eyes over it.

Mazzanti is proud to say the Evantra Bronze is handmade in Italy, and in particular, the region of Tuscany has influenced its design. Luca Mazzanti was inspired by the light, buildings, and landscape, so he incorporates it in the styling of the Evantra bronze. The model is just the particular colour given to an Evantra Classic, which is the platform for buyers to customise the car to their requirements.

A side view of the Mazzanti Hypercar

The rendering and versatile colouring of the Evantra Bronze change according to its surroundings. Titled Sunset Bronze, the metal look is a triple-layered iridescent colour that starts from bronze, then changes to gold in sunlight before taking on a violet shade in the evening shadows.

The heart of the Evantra Bronze is the V8 7000 cc engine that produces 751 hp delivering this to the rear wheels, giving you adrenaline-fuelled driving with a dab on the accelerator. A six-speed automatic gearbox linked with the engine provides ultra-smooth useable power that you can control via the paddle gear-changers.

A frontal view of Mazzanti's hypercar

The car has the potential to whisk you to a staggering 216 mph and from 0 to 60 mph in 3 seconds, which will push you and any passenger back in your racing seats. It is a proper drivers’ car, and I can see them being popular for track day use, enabling the lucky drivers to explore the vehicle’s full potential.

The Evantra Bronze is beautiful; like a carved sculpture, it is a work of art. It is delightfully curved, and you know it will be aerodynamic, but it has purposeful shapes providing functions such as air intakes for the front brakes and surround for the gorgeous exhaust. Each Evantra Bronze is unique as Mazzanti works with the buyer to bespoke their vehicle, whether this is the material to cover the seats or the stitching colour.

The driver and passenger seats inside the Mazzanti hypercar

The cockpit is a good size for the vehicle class, and both occupants will benefit from supportive bucket racing seats and the latest technology in safety and entertainment. As expected from an Italian car, the interior features are meticulously designed, great to look at and functional. All the models are left-hand drive at present; I am not sure if Mazzanti will consider building right-hand drive versions.

Surprisingly for a hypercar, it returns 19 mpg on mixed-use driving and with a fuel tank of 14 gallons; if you are easy on the foot, you should get over two hundred miles, ideal for grand touring. I have not seen what the Evantra bronze will cost, but I think you will know if you can afford one?

The hypercar in the dealership with its gullwing doors open

The Evantra Bronze was on display at HWM Aston Martin of Walton on Thames, which hosted Mazzanti representatives and potential buyers. Visiting their showrooms and seeing the car in the flesh was exceptional, as you can truly appreciate the colour changes in the light, the size and the extraordinary sound from its engine.

About Mazzanti
Luca Mazzanti is the founder and owner of Mazzanti Automobili and was born in Tuscany. He had a passion for classic sports cars and a love of motor racing at an early age, then went to work as a body shop mechanic. Through his years in various aspects of the motor industry, he developed design skills and now combines all his experience to manufacture cars carrying his name.

Mazzanti Automobili is a recognised brand with a global following, especially among collectors and buyers seeking unique opportunities to own the rarest of vehicles built around their individuality. It regularly creates new versions of its models, which has only added to its fame and prestige, increasing its credibility and mystique acquired over twenty years.

Rear view of the Sauid Arabian hypercar

Mazzanti produced the Evantra Classic, Evantra Pura, Evantra 771/781 and the Evantra Millecavalli R. They use Evantra, as she was the Goddess of Immortality who promoted eternity.

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The Mazzanti Evantra Bronze Makes a Prancing Horse Look Like a Donkey 2


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