Some Meat Replacements You Need to Try According to a Professional Chef

Some Meat Replacements You Need to Try According to a Professional Chef

The clock is ticking down to a new year, a time when many will be making resolutions, particularly relating to their health. On the back of this, there will undoubtedly be a mass of people wanting to introduce meat alternatives into their diets, and for this guide, we have a professional chef to advise us on the best way to do it.

If you’re a fan of meat, finding the ideal plant-based replacement is far from a simple task. Taste and texture play an essential part in the transition, and sometimes, plant-based alternatives fall short in this respect. Professional Chef Isabella FlintFortunately, we have Isabella Flint, a professional Chef and the founder of, to guide us.

Below are Isabella’s favourite meat alternatives and what they make an excellent replacement for.

Seitan – Fried Chicken
Seitan is made from a wheat protein and is an excellent vegan substitute for the protein you will be missing from meat, but it is also a great fast-food substitute, especially if you love fried chicken. Seitan is very easy to deep fry and can be coated in a seasoned batter to taste like any fried chicken you can get from a takeaway.

Jackfruit – Pulled Pork
Jackfruit has to be my favourite meat alternative and doesn’t need a lot of skill to perfect. The texture of Jackfruit is already very similar to pulled pork, and if marinated in some BBQ sauce, it tastes exactly the same. I love putting Jackfruit in a sandwich or burger as a pull pork substitute.

Portabello Mushroom – Beef Burger
While it’s true that mushroom does not taste like beef, a fried portobello mushroom can be a fantastic and healthy vegan alternative to a beef burger. When fried like a burger, a portabello mushroom has an amazing taste and texture between two burger buns, seasoned well, and topped with fried onions and vegan cheese; you may even prefer it to beef.

Tofu – Chicken Pieces
Tofu is the cornerstone of the vegan diet because of its versatility. I love using tofu to replace chicken and meat in a stir-fry or a curry. This is because tofu is fantastic at absorbing the flavours that it is cooked in; the spices and sauces seep into the tofu to marinate them perfectly, as well as giving a nice chunk of protein to your dish,

Sliced Tofu and Tempeh on a kitchen table

Tempeh – Bacon
The one food everyone mentions when they try to go vegan is bacon, no one can seem to give it up, and although there is nothing the same as bacon, tempeh is a fantastic alternative that comes very close to the real thing.

Tempeh is made from fermented soybean and, much like tofu, picks up the flavours it is cooked with very easily. When the tempeh is cut thin and fried on a hot pan, it becomes crispy and has the same texture as bacon so that you can have the tasty crunch of a BLT without the B.

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