Luxurious Magazine Interview With Michael Baum, CEO Of Château De Pommard

Luxurious Magazine Interview With Michael Baum, CEO Of Château De Pommard 4

LM: Please talk us through the sustainable practices of the estate’s viticulture and winemaking.
MB: Of course farming naturally is better for the planet, but now the wine industry also knows, through a lot of evidence, that organic and biodynamic wines taste better. Wines made naturally consistently outscore conventionally farmed wines. Chemicals limit the potential for grapes to reach their fullest expression. So our approach is all about embracing rather than attempting to control nature. We use only surface contact remedies, not systemic approaches to fighting pests and disease in the vineyard.

Luxurious Magazine Interview With Michael Baum, CEO Of Château De Pommard 5

This non-invasive approach continues in the winery where we work with as little human intervention as possible enabling each vintage and cuvée to evolve as intended. It’s more work, but the result is better tasting, healthier wines that more purely express the best of the cultivar, the terroir and the vintage.

LM: We understand your guests can choose different wine experiences. What are they and who do they appeal to?
MB: Our wine experiences are designed to teach you something and to be fun. So it really depends on what you want to learn. Our Burgundy Experience offers guests an hour overview of this magical wine region and our Clos Marey-Monge Experience dives deep into terroir-driven wines. The Gourmet Experience teaches the intricacies of food and wine pairing. Finally, our Harvest Experience lets you play winemaker for a day.  For the super wine geeks, our Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) professional wine school offers four levels of study and certification that are recognised around the world.

Luxurious Magazine Interview With Michael Baum, CEO Of Château De Pommard 6

LM: Working in harmony with nature is one of your priorities. Does this create lots of challenges?
MB: Yes the first one is patience. Our conversion to organics has taken four years.  Our complete transition to biodynamics will take another two to three years. We’ve ditched our tractors for horses and everyone working in the vineyard has had to learn the basics of ploughing with horses from scratch.

LM: What are the most popular wines you sell?
MB: Our Clos Marey-Monge Monopole of course. It is a blend of seven cuvées from the limestone and clay-rich terroirs of our main vineyard in Pommard at the Château de Pommard. It is a deep, elegant, and complex Pinot Noir.

Château de Pommard – Where and How?

Address: 15 Rue Marey Monge, 21630 Pommard, France
Tel: +33 3 80 22 07 99
For more information on Château de Pommard, visit

Interview with Michael Baum of Château De Pommard by Sabi Phagura

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