Michael Van Clarke’s Hairdressing Team Takes PPE to the Next Level

Michael Van Clarke's Hairdressing Team Takes PPE to the Next Level!

Who needs a haircut? I certainly do and am counting down the hours to July 4th when the country’s salons reopen. But what should we expect from a long-awaited visit to the hairdressers? Michael Van Clarke, in their own inimitable style, offers a light-hearted glimpse into the future.

1982, that was the last time I had a ponytail, and as I sit here twisting the elastic band holding my hair in place with my fingers, I am thinking, “it has to go”. The lockdown gave me a reason to do something I would never have expected; grow my hair long. But, with hairdressers and salons due to reopen, I am all out of excuses.

Then again… I still have a couple more days to think one up!

Hairdressers come just about as close to a client as any profession. In fact, doctors and dentists aside, they’d probably head the ‘closeness to a client for an extended period’ list.

Having not set foot in hairdressers or barbershop for what seems like forever, I genuinely don’t know what to expect. I know that PPE will be involved, but precisely what is a bit of a mystery to me.

Who said hairdressers don't have a sense of humour?

Fortunately, Michael Van Clarke, who we’ve visited in the past, decided to have some fun by donning their own versions of PPE. Obviously, I am not expecting to see this, but you never know!

Outside the Michael Van Clarke salon

Michael Van Clarke said, “We were sitting around panicking a bit and fretting about having to play doctors and nurses. I mean, I remember enjoying it when I was seven, but this head-to-toe PPE thing the German salons started has freaked us, hairdressers, out a bit. And anyway, wouldn’t it be professional cultural appropriation? Not really very woke is it.

So we thought of being a bit more creative with our outfits, and frankly, we were quite enjoying it, practising our routines. A bit of am-dram at work. But then lo and behold Boris announced this week that we’d only have to wear visors.”

What Michael Van Clarke IS putting in place for clients:

  • Extra social distancing as half the salon’s seats has been removed.
  • Extended hours and less than half the team in at any one time.
  • Two full time dedicated cleaners/sanitisers
  • Disposable towels for the duration of COVID
  • Pre-payments to minimise contact with anyone outside the operator bubble.
  • Face shields for operators
  • Masks and face shields for shampooists
  • Screens at the front desk, backwashes, all along the 20ft Deli Counter, and manicure table too once permissible.

If you can’t stand it any longer and want your hair back to looking its best, visit www.vanclarke.com to arrange an appointment.

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Michael Van Clarke's Hairdressing Team Takes PPE to the Next Level 2


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