A Cut (And Colour) Above at Michael Van Clarke

A Cut (And Colour) Above at Michael Van Clarke
Michael Van Clarke.

Bad and unhealthy hair days are history once you’ve been to see the style and colour experts at London’s Michael Van Clarke.

As I stepped into the Michael Van Clarke salon’s stunning period property tucked behind Marylebone’s bustling High Street, I felt positively assured that something truly transformative was about to happen to my unruly, lifeless and dull locks.

With over 25 years of industry know-how, Michael has one driving passion which definitely shone during my visit – to help radically transform hair to the best it has ever been. First, I met with Rocky, a clever colourist who knew exactly how to softly yet noticeably lift the shade of my dark, matt mane with just one colour.

She skillfully applied her chosen Wella shade for me using the latest balayage technique, painting it on throughout the top layers of my hair. The result? A striking, vibrant mix of highlighted honey and caramels to complement my deep skin tone, without losing the warm of my natural hair colour.

I then moved over to another section of the salon to meet with senior stylist Lamphane, who rather sensibly told me that our hair is like a tree – ever-growing and with roots that need nourishing from both the outside and within. This is exactly the philosophy Michael encourages and you can see it’s a running vein through his salon services and products.

Michael Van Clarke at work
Michael Van Clarke

Using Michael’s signature cutting technique called the Diamond Dry Cut (where your hair is cut once it’s rough dried to better ascertain the way your hair falls and feels in terms of texture and weight distribution). Lamphane miraculously manipulated my tired, limp locks into a trendy Hollywood siren lob (long bob), full of bounce, movement and looking so much healthier and thicker.

To complete the total hair health and care regime, Michael has developed his proprietary hair care system, called 3 More Inches, a totally silicone-free range which boasts a kinder, healthier approach to tending to your tresses battered by the elements, colour and general wear and tear.

A shocking 99% of hair products use types of silicone to temporarily mask damage with a cling-film like wrap. Your hair may feel better – softer, more manageable with a cosmetic gloss – but in reality, it’s a ‘fake’ better. This false economy for your hair sucks vital moisture from the hair shaft, leaving it to age quicker, become brittle and vulnerable to damage.

A Cut (And Colour) Above at Michael Van Clarke 2Hot hair heroes in the 3 More Inches collection are the luxurious cashmere protein UV protective shampoo and conditioner and the LifeSaver – a rescue pre-wash miracle treatment that helps to restore, condition and boost shine and flexibility.

The innovative No1. Brush also designed by Michael has now become a firm daily style staple that I couldn’t live without. A game-changer in brush design with a mix of Japanese nylon bristles, it helps boost thickness and effortlessly glides through the hair as you use it to dry, detangle and style.

Another part of the experience that’s definitely not to be skipped is the ingenious in-house Deli offering that sits within the basement floor of the salon. A well thought out menu serves up fresh, nutritious shakes, smoothies, salads and loads more to nourish you from within – perfect to save you on precious time and fully savour your moments in this makeover bolthole.

Michael Van Clarke – Where and how

1 Beaumont Street

Tel: (+44) 020 7224 3123
Website: www.vanclarke.com


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