Michel Roux Jr Will Teach You How to Cook the Finest French Cuisine

Michel Roux Jr Will Teach You How to Cook Michelin Star French Cuisine

Have your friends miraculously upped their culinary skills recently, and are you feeling a little left behind? We have a simple way for you to catch up and pass them, and it comes courtesy of the world-renowned chef Michel Roux Jr who’s online courses will teach you how to cook the very best classic French cuisine.

Over the past twelve months, people have found far more time on their hands than they would’ve expected. Some have used it to discover a new range of skills, including DIY, gardening and writing.

Among these, a huge number of people decided to turn their focus on the kitchen, experimenting and producing culinary excellence and, in doing so, snapping up ingredients that emptied shelves, caused panic and a backlog of orders during 2020.

With restrictions now easing in the UK, we’re sure some of you will have grabbed the opportunity to sample some of your friends’ newly-found cookery skills.

If you’re one of those, who didn’t use the extra time in the kitchen. Instead of sitting around at your friends with a broad grin while slowly filling up with envy; why not (without your friends knowing) give them a reason to feel somewhat envious of your own skills?

Michel Roux Jr sampling some of his cooking

There’s an easy way to do this, and it can be done in complete privacy without any of your friends knowing. Learning with Experts in conjunction with world-renowned chef and MasterChef judge Michel Roux Jr has released details of a three-part collection of courses that will teach you classic French cuisine in the company of the great chef.

The course is called the Roux Way and offers exclusive access to the world of Le Gavroche through the brilliant Learning with Experts platform; it’s the only online platform offering one-to-one tuition with the best of the best.

Michel standing outside Le Gavroche

The collection of courses takes learners into the Le Gavroche kitchen, where Michel Roux Jr’s father Albert and Uncle Michel Roux were awarded three Michelin stars – the first UK restaurant to achieve this – and where more than thirty Michelin starred chefs, including Gordon Ramsay, Marco Pierre White and Monica Galetti were trained.

Students will learn how Georges Auguste Escoffier (Michel’s hero) influenced his own style of cooking throughout the courses.

Michel teaching how to cook classic French Cuisine

They’ll also be given the secrets of ‘how’ as well as the ‘what’ to cook to master classic French cuisine across dishes such as omelette soufflé, confit de canard, flan de carottes and a croquembouche.

Michel in relaxed mode on a sofa

This relaxed and creative collection is for enthusiasts through to professionals wanting to learn from a true master chef and for anyone who wants to learn how to curate a Michelin star dish at home.

Learners have the option to receive feedback on their dishes from team Roux inside Le Gavroche and are taken through the course as part of an online community with whom they can interact and share notes.

Learning with Experts CEO and Founder Elspeth Briscoe said: “We’re seeing a huge rise in the number of adults wanting to learn from their culinary heroes and the profound benefits of the feedback structure of our courses. Whether learners are complete beginners or enthusiastic home cooks looking to deepen their cookery abilities, our students really benefit from learning from the best teachers in the world.

Being in our sociable online classrooms, which combats the isolation that people experience with other online learning, also enables people to have fun whilst they’re training, making this course as enjoyable as it is educational.”

Learning with Experts provides the chance to learn at the hands of experts within their field without having to leave the house. Perfect for those at home. Intimately sized classes of 20 are ensure that learners receive individual attention and support and offer a community focus so that peers interact share creations with each other.

The course completion rate at Learning with Experts is over 80%, compared to an average completion rate of online courses of just 20%.

About Learning with Experts:
Learning with Experts is a unique, online, community education platform. It brings together the “experts’ experts” with the best in their field, showcasing, interacting and leading intimate classrooms to success in fields covering Food & Drink, Gardening, Wellbeing, Photography and Art.

With its wealth of tutors and exclusive offering, unlike anything available in the online learning space, Learning with Experts can give consumers access to top names such as writer, chef and food activist Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall; Master Chocolatier, Paul A Young; along with fully accredited courses such as RHS Level 2 and their full Garden Design Diploma.

For more information about Learning with Experts and for a full list of available courses, visit www.learningwithexperts.com.

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