Getting Into The Mind Of The Mindspace CEO And Co-Founder, Dan Zakai

The Mind Of The Mindspace CEO And Co-Founder, Dan Zakai

Luxurious Magazine’s Sabi Phagura caught up with Dan Zakai, CEO and Co-founder at Mindspace, to find out how the workplace has changed in recent years.

Mindspace is a rapidly-growing global provider of stylish and inspiring co-working spaces for teams of all sizes, with locations in London, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Tel Aviv, Herzliya, and Warsaw. It offers an upscale co-working environment with inspiring unique designs, an exceptional level of service for members, and a vibrant real-world cosmopolitan community of over 10,000 entrepreneurs, freelancers, start-ups and investment firms. Innovation teams from leading enterprises, such as Microsoft,, Barclays Bank, Samsung, Siemens, and Spotify are all part of the community.

LM: How did you get involved in starting Mindspace?
DZ: Fresh ideas and new endeavours excite and motivate me. I have always been passionate about initiating and building a meaningful business with a sense of creativity, design and innovation. Mindspace was the perfect platform to achieve all of those components. It operates within a growing market with great potential and the ability to create something that is unique. Through a combination of creation, high art and tech, we are changing the way people work – and that is a truly special thing.

LM: You recently opened your first co-working space in the UK in London. What was the reason for this?
DZ: London is one of the most advanced markets for co-working in Europe. We wanted to solve an unmet need of many London-based businesses for a co-working offering that is exquisitely designed. One that is all-inclusive with no hidden fees – as well as globally accessible. Our London space is located at the contemporary Relay Building in Aldgate, just a few minutes away from the heart of the City. It can accommodate 700 members across two sprawling floors – meaning individuals and businesses of all sizes are welcome to join! Our second London location, in the heart of Tech City, in Shoreditch, is set to open mid-May.

LM: Are there any plans to expand elsewhere in London or the UK?
DZ: With Mindspace already open in London and setting the tone for the new standard of high-end co-working in the UK, we will be opening our second space in London’s vibrant and creative Shoreditch district – something that we’re extremely excited about! We’re expanding rapidly and this summer, we will open Mindspace San Francisco and Washington DC, as well as further expansion throughout Europe – so those in the UK should keep their eyes peeled for exciting news in the future.

Co-working spaces have grown in popularity over the years

LM: Co-working spaces have grown in popularity over the years. Do you expect this trend to continue to grow in the next few years, particularly in the UK?
DZ: Co-working is no longer a trend – it is reshaping the office landscape. What was once the solution for freelancers and entrepreneurs, is now competing in the market for start-ups as well as corporations and large companies who choose to place their innovative, project, and R&D teams away from company headquarters. This combination creates the Mindspace magic – enterprises are exposed to the startup way of working and develop new products and business models at a faster pace. Start-ups, on the other hand, get valuable exposure to the large enterprises that can help validate their offering, take it to market, and allow them to scale up.

A co-working arrangement like Mindspace means individuals can work whenever or wherever they choose.

UK-based companies are toying with the notion of working nine to five, Monday to Friday – choosing to structure their working days around other commitments in their lives – whether that includes raising a young family or dedicating more time to personal hobbies.

A co-working arrangement like Mindspace means individuals can work whenever or wherever they choose. Teams at Mindspace are places in the heart of the innovation ecosystem, with access to benefits, perks, epic culture, and a wealth of events.

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