Luxurious Magazine Interview With Miranda Hayman, Co-Owner Of Hayman’s Gin

Hayman's Gin distillery tour

LM: We understand you offer tours of the distillery. What do these involve, and what other events do you hold which we can look forward to?
MH: We have tours and tastings every day of the week at our distillery in Balham, South West London. Otherwise, known as the home of English Gin, our distillery is based on the gin houses of the 1800s. We find that people really want to understand how we make our true English Gin and the story behind it.

Gin tasting at Hayman’s Gin.

We are delighted that we are London’s favourite gin distillery on TripAdvisor and sit at number 20 between Buckingham Palace and Big Ben on the best things to do in London.

We also look further afield and have weekly cocktail masterclasses, as well as other special gin-related events, such as “Ginema” and open days.

LM: We see a lot of flavoured gins on the shelves. Can these really be classed as gin, or are they similar to flavoured vodkas?
MH: As a long-standing gin distiller, we have been delighted with the growth in popularity of gin and have embraced the innovation and energy. Gin is now seen as our national drink. As a family business, we always look at longevity and we want to protect the category so that we remain proud of our national drink for future generations to enjoy.

Luxurious Magazine Interview With Miranda Hayman, Co-Owner Of Hayman’s Gin 2

LM: What’s next for Hayman’s Gin, and where do you see yourself going in the near future?
MH: We certainly love what we do and we want to ensure people continue enjoying drinking gin – we now feel we offer both solutions for occasions when people would prefer to drink low alcohol and low-calorie gin and tonic, as well as those who would prefer a full-strength serve. We continue to innovate and to look at our heritage and have some exciting events and limited releases planned for 2020.

LM: And finally, what is your favourite way to drink gin?
MH: You can’t go wrong with a classic gin and tonic – lots of ice and an equal balance of gin and tonic. Garnishes are prescriptive, but I usually prefer a citrus garnish to highlight the refreshing notes in the gin.

Hayman’s Gin – Where and How?

Hayman’s Gin is located at 8A Weir Rd, Balham, London SW12 0GT, United Kingdom.
For more information on Hayman’s Gin, visit

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