Montegrappa Classico Monogram Cufflinks Make Fathers Day More Personal

Montegrappa Classico Monogram Cufflinks Make Fathers Day More Personal

Montegrappa Classico Monogram Cufflinks are an ideal gift on Fathers Day, and best of all, the renowned Italian luxury brand has specifically designed them to carry the initials of who we all believe is the greatest man in the world.

When you hear Monte Grappa mentioned you’re likely to envisage the mile-high mountain, grapes, brandy and of course the self-named luxury brand Montegrappa, makers of the world’s finest writing implements. But, pens are not the only products coming out of the Bassano del Grappa factory.

Bassano del Grappa in Italy

Montegrappa has been one of our favourite luxury brands over the past decade, mainly due to their fine craftsmanship, and it is a close-knit family-run leader in the field of luxury products.

Aside from creating peerless writing implements, they’ve also allowed their highly-skilled craftspeople to turn their hands to other things including leather products, timepieces, jewellery and the subject of this piece, cufflinks.

With Fathers Day looming, we’re starting to look at the best presents to show how much your father means to you. Gifts that will rightly make him feel like the most important person in the world on his special day and Montegrappa Classico Monogram cufflinks are quite rightly towards the top of the list.

For many younger people reading this, the thought of wearing cufflinks could be somewhat of an alien experience. However, it’s an ideal gift for fathers, something they will wear and cherish and a clear indication of how much they mean to you.

Unlike many other cufflinks available in the market, Montegrappa Classico Monogram cufflinks are designed to last. They are made from precision-engineered metals. They’re also stylish and are produced with the same expert care and attention as all their other products.

Montegrappa Classico Monogram Cufflinks pre-engraving

The Classico Monogram cufflinks, as the name suggests, are designed to carry the initials of your choice. The custom diamond-engraving is complimentary for visitors to their online boutique.

Just imagine the look on your fathers face when he opens the box and sees some exquisite cufflinks with his engraved initials.

Montegrappa Classico Monogram cufflinks Information

The cufflinks are available for order here. The price is €140 per set, including complimentary engraving. For a limited time, Montegrappa is giving a complimentary gift from their Filigree collection of accessories.

  • Durable stainless steel
  • Complimentary engraving
  • Contemporary or Classic type

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