Montegrappa and Dynamiq Create GTT 135 Rollerball Pen

Montegrappa Dynamiq GTT 135 rollerball pen

Montegrappa and Dynamiq are no strangers to collaborations, so it’s fitting that these two luxury Italian brands have come together to create a very special rollerball which takes its design clues from the 41-metre GTT 135 superyacht.

Montegrappa and Dynamiq are two Italian brands we have great admiration for. It’s no secret we have a particular fondness for Montegrappa having covered their exquisite creations for more than a decade. We’ve also written about Dynamiq, most recently when we covered their new Global Explorer range.

The Dynamiq G300
The Dynamiq G300.

In recent times, Dynamiq has partnered with esteemed brands such as Carter & White, the Emirati manufacturer of luxury bedding and Fürstenberg porcelain, the second-oldest manufacturer of fine China in the country.

Regular readers of Luxurious Magazine will have seen that Montegrappa has also partnered with some of the world’s finest companies which we’ve covered in some depth.

The collaboration between Montegrappa and Dynamiq has resulted in a special edition rollerball pen which takes its design clues from Dynamiq’s 41-metre GTT 135 which is currently in the process of being built.

The GTT 135 is an all-aluminium fast-cruiser. It has a very shallow draft of around 6 feet and can reach a speed of 21 knots. She is more than capable of transatlantic travel as her purported range is 3,000 nautical miles. With her five staterooms and the largest sundeck in her class, she’s very bit a luxury yacht.

The special edition pen features a beautifully balanced metal body with a silky satin finish in champagne silver, engraved with elegant curves recalling the yacht’s exterior profile.

Alongside red accents and a gold pocket clip embossed with the Dynamiq name, the base of the pen is capped with real wood to resemble teak decking.

Giuseppe Aquilla, the owner of Montegrappa, visited the Italian boatbuilder earlier this year and realised that Dynamiq and Montegrappa share many of the same values: craftsmanship, quality and innovation. It, therefore, made perfect sense for the brands to pool their design vision to create something unique.

Montegrappa and Dynamiq Create GTT 135 Rollerball Pen 3

Although Dynamiq’s GTT 135 starts at €16,500,000, you can rest assured that the GTT 135 pen will carry a more real-world price tag. Dynamic has an online configurator which can be accessed here. You can add the option of a set of ten of the rollerball pens when speccing up the superyacht, interestingly, there was no price stated.

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Montegrappa and Dynamiq Create GTT 135 Rollerball Pen 4


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