Mooli’s Thali Collection Meals Take Taste Buds on an Exotic Adventure

Mooli's Freshly Prepared Thali Meals Take Taste buds on an Exotic Adventure

Mooli is new to the food delivery market and wants to bring an authentic taste of India to people’s homes. The company has created a tasting menu of dishes known as a Thali, and Jeremy Webb grabbed the opportunity to try a sample box and, in doing so, educate his tastebuds.

I pride myself on having a good knowledge of foods from around the World, but I have never heard of a Thali before. When Mooli offered to send me a sample box of their dishes and described what a Thali is, my tastebuds already started to tingle.

Mooli is on a mission to bring authentic India to the UK via food delivery to your door. The brand has launched the Taste Explorer menu, which allows you to taste a variety of authentic dishes from around the regions of India. Served on a Thali, Indian for plate, place the dishes you ordered in the moulded recesses.

The Thali dishes on the supplied trays with leaflets and information

There is a designated recess for each type of dish, and you place your bread and rice at the centre of the Thali so you can use your fingers to tear some flatbread, mix with your curry and consume. Next, take some rice and blend with the Dal; the experience is joyful. The Thali is made from palm leaves, so good for the environment and easily recycled.

The origins of Thali meals comes from Ayurveda, the ancient Indian practice of wellbeing and health. Indians believe your meals should be balanced to help digestion. The aim is to combine a meal where you experience all six tastes acidic, spicy, bitter, salty, sour and finally sweet.

Mooli Royal Kitchens of Rajasthan Thali meat dish

From arid Rajasthan to the rain rich soils of Bengal to sea traders and fishermen in the south, these varied environments shape the culture, cuisines and flavours bursting onto people’s plates. The new Mooli experience will transport people to the streets of India, where the team has first-hand knowledge of the exotic places and unique flavours encompassed in the new menu series.

Mooli Dishes are presented on a traditional Indian ‘Thali’ to showcase India’s diverse food scene, bringing together a variety of combinations and flavours. The breadth of the menu inspired from many corners of India will give people a reason to come together and share dishes with family and friends. Mooli is making regular curry nights easy, with the ‘Thali Club’ whereby customers can enjoy a reduced price on their dining experience every month.

Mooli House Thali Curry being warmed in a pan

My experience of the Thali from Mooli was enjoyable, and I would agree that the dishes are authentic and delicious. I shared my box of delights with my nephew as the collection of dishes amounted to a lot of food, even for two men with deep appetites. Neither of us had tasted the Curry and Dahl provided as we are restricted to Kormas, Masalas and other generic Indian dishes from our local Takeaways. Mooli offers a superb alternative to phoning your regular Takeaway; you just need to order the day before you want a fabulous Indian meal arriving at your door.

Mooli – Where and How?

A menu showing the dishes provided by Mooli

Exclusively online and delivered to you
Signature Thalis include the ‘House Thali’ or the ‘Royal Kitchens of Rajasthan Thali’, which serve two people for £35.00. Tasting plates feature the ‘Mooli Headliner’ – a delicious and exciting vegetarian curry, the ‘Comfort Curry’ – a choice of meat or vegetable specialities.

‘A Hearty Dal’ elevates the flavours, ‘Crunch & Spice’ freshens the plate with a zingy spiced fresh Indian slaw, ‘Mop It Up’ offers a side of soft Indian bread fluffy rice, all finished with a traditional ‘Sweet Touch’ Indian dessert. Extra portions of popular curries, snacks and bread are also available to make the Thali extra special! For maximum convenience, all dishes heat simultaneously and temperature for 25 minutes in the oven or just a few minutes in the microwave!

Mooli wants the public to partake in veg-led cuisine, exploring all India’s vegetarian dishes, which pack a punch equal to any meat dish! The thali plates are made from naturally fallen palm leaves that are fully compostable, the insulating liners used to deliver food in tip-top condition are biodegradable, and the ice packs included are fully reusable. The outer box cardboard and food trays are 100% recyclable.

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Mooli's Thali Collection Meals Take Taste Buds on an Exotic Adventure 2


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