100% Homemade Soy is the Star at MORA by Chef Vicky Lau & Percy How

100% Homemade Soy is the Star at MORA by Chef Vicky Lau & Percy How

Chef Vicky Lau and Percy Ho have unveiled MORA’s latest tasting menus, and these focus squarely on 100% in-house made soy products that come from bean to table. In addition, the renowned restaurant has raised the sustainability bar higher by introducing Nordaq’s premium filtered water in place of bottled water, going paperless and sourcing produce from local, approved suppliers.

The origin of tofu dates back to over two centuries ago in China. During the Han Dynasty (approximately 200 AD), Emperor Liu Bang’s seventh son, Liu An, accidentally added gypsum into a mixture of yellow soy beans in the water. The curdling effect resulted in the unplanned invention of the world’s first tofu. Today, tofu is a beloved ingredient around the globe. Many regard tofu as a superfood, and it is now a popular and more sustainable protein substitute for meat. It is a food with many health benefits and is rich in essential minerals like calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.

The machine making the soy in-house. Three images showing the process.

MORA is proud to unveil its latest innovations in soy, using 100% house-made soy and tofu ingredients for its new CHARACTERS OF SOY Lunch and Dinner menus from its central kitchen facility. The modern French Chinese menus move away from the traditional format of appetisers, entrees and desserts and instead separate courses by textural nuances. Each of the soy-based dishes is served in tasteful portion sizes with consciously selected ingredients in a bid to minimise food wastage and reduce carbon footprint as much as possible.

Smoked Eel Terrine with Woodear Mushroom

Soy-based cuisine at MORA: New lunch & dinner tasting menus
Now open for dinner from Tuesday to Saturday and lunch from Friday to Saturday, MORA has unveiled a dinner tasting menu (7 courses at HK$1,080 + 10% per guest) and a refreshed lunch menu (6 courses at HK$680 + 10% per guest). The menu offers a unique beverage pairing of discerning and sustainable French wines, highly pure sakes, and speciality Chinese teas with character.

Homemade Velvet Tofu with Ossetra Caviar & Condiments

The lunch and dinner degustation journey begins with the first textural category, SILKEN, which features a refreshing selection of dishes homemade velvet tofu served with savoury condiments of century egg mimosa, shredded Chinese-style preserved duck floss, preserved radish, and sustainably farmed Ossetra caviar; and cold noodle in soy milk chicken bouillon and bean paste, which is created using homemade supreme broth, local three yellow chicken breast, Gyomuyou udon from Akita, fermented soybean chilli paste, and deep fried chicken skin.

The second category, CRISP, offers one of the most delightful sensory textures. Soy-inspired dishes include a duet of Shima-aji tartare with ‘Thousand’ tofu sheet (for lunch only) where Shima-aji is cured for half an hour with sugar and salt and delicately placed upon yuba tofu sheet; salad of pickled wood-ear with seasonal mushrooms including premium maitake and Chinese shiitake; and brioche cube with whipped soy cream made from fermented bean curd

An alternative new dish will be a duet of Sea Urchin, Octopus and Crab with Sesame Tofu Foam and Smoked Eel Terrine with Woodear Mushroom for dinner.

One-Sided Crispy Threadfin with Savoury Soy Milk Soup

Dinner guests will enjoy a further dish of one-sided crispy threadfin (above) with savoury soy milk soup, using cured and grilled Taiwanese threadfin, homemade soy milk bouillon infused with threadfish bones, Koya tofu, dried Sakura ebi and Chinese preserved vegetables.

The soy journey continues with the texture of JADE, which features red tofu marinated with crispy three yellow chicken. Readers might not be familiar with Red tofu. It is a mixture of bean curd, red rice yeast, and chilli, which has been fermented until it becomes creamy. It is often used to elevate meat dishes with a new layer of complex umami flavour.

The category of DEW offers MORA’s seasonal changing MORA tofu stew of the day – lobster. The mapo tofu features two types of local tofu (hard and soft), to be served with minced beef bean paste, sakura ebi, Sichuan pepper oil, Canadian Boston lobster, and Koshihikari rice.

Almond Tofu Mousse with Strawberry compote & Soy Pulp Crumble

The final category, ICE, is a celebration of sweets. Lunch concludes on a refreshing note with a winter dessert of soy milk flan with soy sauce caramel, Mora’s version of a Chinese tofu pudding (豆腐花) using homemade soy milk, while dinner ends with a hearty almond tofu mousse with strawberry compote & soy pulp crumble.

The reception area inside the restaurant

For reservations and enquiries, please visit MORA’s website at www.mora.com.hk.

Opening Hours:

  • Lunch – Friday & Saturday only: 12:00 pm-3:30 pm (last order 2:00 pm, closes 3:30 pm).
  • Dinner- Tuesday to Saturday: 6:00 pm-11:30 pm (last order 9:30 pm, closes 11:30 pm).

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100% Homemade Soy is the Star at MORA by Chef Vicky Lau & Percy How 2

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