Ten Of The Most Comfortable Real-World Luxury Cars of 2019

Ten Of The Most Comfortable Real-World Luxury Cars of 2019 2

10 of the most comfortable real-world luxury cars of 2019

Mercedes Benz S-Class
You’re probably not surprised to see this one at the top of the list. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of driving an S-Class, you know that it’s a cut above other luxury cars.

BMW 7 Series
With an even and composed ride, the 2019 BMW 7 Series delivers a first-rate experience. This car also comes with the latest high-tech features to ensure you have a pleasant ride every time.

Porsche Panamera GT
Porsche is a luxury brand that isn’t as well-known for comfort as brands like Mercedes and BMW. But the 2019 Panamera GT may change your mind. This speedy sportscar features 18-way power adjustable front seats, so you’re sure to find a comfortable position.

Audi A6
The Audi A6 has some of the best features you’ll find in all luxury cars on this list –like a stable ride and comfortable seating – but this car stands out in noise control, providing an ultra-quiet ride.

Genesis G90
You may be surprised to see the Genesis G90 on a list with brands like Audi and Porsche, but you can rest assured that this car has owned its spot. It may come from the Hyundai Motor Group, but this brand delivers a comfortable and luxurious driving experience.

BMW 5 Series
The 5-Series is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a comfortable luxury vehicle that’s also fuel efficient and super approachable.

Jaguar XF
You must have known we’d get to a Jaguar before too long. The XF offers an extremely smooth highway ride along with terrific handling. But you should expect more road noise and an uninspired interior when compared with the top cars on this list.

Lincoln Continental
Lincoln is another brand you may not immediately associate with luxury, but the Continental does offer a smooth and luxurious driving experience.

Audi A8
The Audi A8 offers many of the same comfort-driven benefits as the A6, but there’s one major difference. The A8 tends to have a firm ride at lower speeds, and that’s why this vehicle doesn’t score as highly as the A6.

Cadillac CT6
If you haven’t driven a Cadillac in some time (or ever), I implore you to stop what you’re doing and test drive the CT6. With a plush, roomy interior and a steady, agile ride, this is one impressive luxury car.

When it comes to buying a new vehicle, most of us are blinded by things like acceleration, handling and overall aesthetic. And while these things are very important, comfort should also be a deciding factor. If you spend a lot of time in your car, one could argue that comfort is more important than any of the other features.

Drive of any vehicle on this list, and see what happens when exclusive luxury is paired with exceptional comfort.

Just heed this one warning: You may never want to leave your vehicle.

Article by Rachel O’Conner

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