Exclusive Interview with Natalie Dance, Founder of As The Pennies Drop

Natalie Dance, Founder of As The Pennies Drop

Sabi Phagura catches up with coach Natalie Dance, who runs ‘As the Pennies Drop’, to ask what led her to ditch her high-flying career to help others to get through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Luxurious Magazine: You’ve been a personal trainer over the years whilst carving out a career in sales. Why did you take the step to quit your job to pursue a career as a life coach?
Natalie Dance: I had a theory that if I had more money, I would be fulfilled, but I’d sit at my desk thinking, what am I doing with my life? I discovered the most important lesson when it comes to a career is that it needs to fulfil you; it needs to give you passion and drive. Whilst money is extremely important, money alone isn’t enough.

I embarked on a journey to heal in 2016 with the help of a coach, and I found it absolutely fascinating. I wanted to give back to people in a way that would absolutely transform their lives, as coaching has done for mine. It took four years to develop my skills, using my authentic experiences, and I’m now able to show up for people in a way I never thought possible. The feeling of unlocking people from the prison of habitual patterns is incredible and extremely fulfilling.

In 2020 people learned what was truly important in their lives

LM: Do you think the global pandemic has had an effect on our perception of the world and ourselves?
Natalie: In a word, yes. It has given people time to reflect and re-evaluate how they live. I know there are so many people that have made considerable changes to their lives due to the pandemic and I foresee more people doing the same, really looking at what is and isn’t important to them now, i.e. how they spend their money, is their career fulfilling them, how they take care of themselves, what relationships serve them/don’t serve them etc.

Changes are being made in people’s lives that they would not have considered or even conceived were it not for the pandemic. I also believe it is the world telling everyone to slow down. Breathe. Teaching us not just to take care of the beautiful planet we live in, but to take care of ourselves too.

LM: Would you say we are far more conscious of what we look like now as we have a lot of time to trawl through social media images?
Natalie: There have always been issues with articles relating to people wanting to live up to the social media images that we are drowned in daily, but I perceive this all to be about whether or not you have a healthy mindset. On the one hand, it can lead to extreme self-loathing and not measuring up to what society believes to be the norm.

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On the other hand, it can be perceived in a positive way. An example of this would be if the person viewing the images is extraordinarily unhealthy but is still encouraged to want to exercise, eat healthily, have a more positive mindset about themselves and a have a personal goal. There needs to be a balance, but it is all based on one’s own perspective. Fundamentally, we need to accept and love ourselves for who we are, which is essential if we want to make any changes about how we look after ourselves.

LM: In this day and age, when we are surrounded by social media images, why do you think it is essential to look after ourselves?
Natalie:: If you have a positive emotional state (exercise, eat well, positive self-talk), the social media images will not affect you in the same way it will impact someone with a negative emotional state (lacks movement, eats unhealthily, has negative self-talk). How we think, feel and speak about ourselves is vital for an abundant life.

Being kind to our bodies can transform all areas of our lives. The more kindness we show our bodies and minds with exercising, eating well and speaking positively about ourselves, the less social media will affect us. With or without social media images, we have one body and one life, so why don’t we want the best for ourselves?

LM: How important is it to have a positive mindset before we can make any changes to our bodies?
Natalie: Having a positive mindset when we want to transform any area of our lives is extremely important. The mindset is what drives you and keeps you going; it is what gives you the idea that change really is possible. It’s what keeps you focused mentally on reaching your goals, especially on the tough days, when you want to give up and stay in bed. We constantly flood our subconscious minds with thoughts, so think positively because, what we think, feel and believe is what we attract.

If you want to change your body or any area of your life, you must start with the positive belief that this change is possible. Having positive self-talk develops the idea, which starts to create momentum. This, in turn, creates the action you need, the motivation and the hunger for the change to keep you on track and to get you to your end goal.

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LM: How can coaching help individuals reach their potential beyond their physical self?
Natalie: By unlocking old limiting beliefs and breaking down habitual patterns that have become a natural way of living and thinking, coaching can give you your confidence back. It creates in-depth understanding as to why things have always been a particular way for someone, releasing them from the prison of their mind. Offering practical tools and solutions to create a kinder way of living, coaching opens your eyes and lifts the fog to get you to see the world, the real world with a new perspective and awareness.

Coaching will not only elevate your life; it will break you free from the prison of your mind, give you your life back and create limitless possibilities and opportunities for you.

LM: How has coaching helped you in your own life?
Natalie: Coaching has transformed my life. I had a very unfulfilled life, and I attracted unkindness, lack of support, love and passion. Coaching literally gave me my life back. A real chance at living a life I would love, and I gained so much confidence too. I gained the understanding as to why my life was the way it was. I have a love and acceptance of myself, I never thought possible, and when I look in the mirror, I really see ‘me’ now, and my self-talk is incredibly positive.

I have broken away from old limiting beliefs, patterns that were stopping me from living and I have a life full of love, compassion, kindness and support. I have a business I am passionate about that fulfils me. I am surrounded by amazing people, and I am finally doing something I truly love. I am helping alleviate human suffering. I have created a life on my terms, through coaching, being authentic, loving and accepting the person I see in the mirror.

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LM: Can you talk to us briefly through the course you offer?
Natalie: I have developed a unique programme that will create a kinder relationship with your body and deliver real life-changing results by creating a healthy mindset with impactful coaching techniques.

These programmes are designed to hand-hold my clients through their journey. With a daily check-in from me, we will work together to reduce the unkind thoughts and limiting beliefs that are holding them back from living a fulfilled, limitless life.

I will use a range of coaching techniques, that are designed to nurture, support and empower them. Each programme has been carefully designed depending on the level of intensity required, to transform, empower, build confidence, to teach you to love life again, with strength and determination and finally to go and grab that life you no longer believe is impossible.

LM: What if people want to transform their lives but don’t know where to start?
Natalie: It can be a little daunting out there, especially as there are so many coaches wanting to help people. My advice would be to ask around for recommendations of a good coach, find a coach that offers free consultations and that wants to get to know you first before committing to you spending any money.

I provide a free 20-minute consultation, and if the client is happy to move forwards, I would then send them a questionnaire to be completed prior to their first private session with me.

As the Pennies Drop – Where and How?

For more information on As the Pennies Drop and to get in contact with Natalie Dance, visit www.asthepenniesdrop.com.

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Exclusive Interview with Natalie Dance, Founder of As The Pennies Drop 2


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