Never Go Alone’s Go Mask Brings a Touch of Luxury to the Face

Never Go Alone's Go Mask Brings a Touch of Luxury to the Face

By now, most people reading this will be familiar with the wearing of face masks and with Winter fast approaching, more people are likely to be donning them. In this feature, we’re looking at Never Go Alone’s Limited Edition Go Mask, which is a step above most other masks and was considered worthy of inclusion in the Emmy Awards 2021 Gift Bag.

After approaching almost two years, we would’ve hoped we would have seen the back of COVID-19, sadly this is not the case. As I write this article, there are still around half a million new infections recorded every day worldwide, which means personal protection and consideration for others is paramount.

One obvious way to protect yourself and others around you is by wearing a face mask. For this article, we try out the Limited Edition Go Mask from Never Go Alone, which is a cut above most others in the market. What makes this face mask different is it is a hand-crafted luxury mask that still offers a high degree of protection.

As I’ve mentioned, the Limited Edition Go Mask was one of the inclusions in the goody bag at the 2021 Emmy Awards, leading one to believe that this is no ordinary mask. What goes into the gift bags at the Emmy Awards is a mystery to me and probably the same for many others reading this. The goody bag at the awards contained twenty-one carefully selected products that came from female-owned businesses, one of which was the Limited Edition Go Mask.

The layers making up the Never Go Alone Limited Edition Go Mask

About the Never Go Alone Limited Edition Go Mask
The first thing that people are likely to be wondering is how much do these fine-looking masks cost? Each of the limited edition masks is priced at £35.00. There are a few reasons why these masks are priced higher than standard masks; they look great, and touching your face will be ultra-soft Alcantara leather.

In addition to this, they have a mouldable nose bridge that allows you to get a precise fit for your face, and the materials have been treated with Viroblock neutralising technology and are water repellent to shield the face whilst remaining breathable.

The Limited Edition Go Mask is available in two sizes (S/M, L/XL) and four earthy colours: stone, orange, sand, and opal. The masks are handcrafted in Italy using the finest lightweight, technical fabrics and performance textiles. One of the things we particularly liked with the Go Mask is it has adjustable and interchangeable elastic straps. These straps can either be placed over the ears or can be fastened behind the head, ensuring a snug fit and ideal comfort.

Never Go Alone Limited Edition Go Mask in Orange

Wearing the mask
We wore the masks for a few hours in the office, and they were very comfortable. As we’re not a dedicated testing lab, we can’t provide any information on how effective they are. However, anything is better than nothing in our view. What we can say is that the Never Go Alone Limited Edition Go Mask is a looker. It’s stylish, we like the colours, and if you are looking for some added protection from the coronavirus and want to look good, this is the mask for you.

The limited-edition Go masks can be washed in laundry detergent or dish soap and reused. The Viroblock technology will last for up to ten washes, and the mask itself is said to be able to last for up to forty washes.

Men and women wearing the face masks outdoors

Final thoughts
The coronavirus outbreak has impacted many families, my own included. My Mother-in-law is one of the few unable to build antibodies, and although she now has some after a course of plasma infusions, she is still at risk.

There is also the issue of those who are asymptomatic and presymptomatic; these are people displaying no symptoms of the virus, don’t know they are carrying it, yet are still able to transmit it to others. Although I don’t expect everyone to agree, in my opinion, it is always better to be safe than sorry, and this is why I will continue to wear a face mask to protect myself and others around me.

About Never Go Alone
Never Go Alone. is a design-led, experiential self and home care brand that empowers you to live and travel responsibly in times of unprecedented change with a selection of sustainable products encased in refillable and recyclable packaging. Their inaugural collection, Edition 1: Sandstone, elevates the everyday experience and have been optimised for functionality and durability whilst ensuring the highest levels of safety and efficacy.

For more information on Never Go Alone and to make a purchase, please visit

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