A Bespoke Vinyl Room or Home Library Will Bring Zen into the Home

Create a Zen Space in Your Home with a Bespoke Vinyl Room or Home Library

Creating a quiet space within the home that you can relax in and curl up with your favourite book is something that many of us long for in our busy lives. Home libraries, dedicated record rooms and bespoke bookshelves are becoming a popular interior trend this year, with reading and listening to vinyl records, after a day’s work becoming more popular.

Bookshelves provide our favourite novels with a unique, designated place to live within our living spaces. Books can also add a splash of colour and give a sense of personality to the home. Similarly, vinyl rooms offer music lovers the chance to showcase their most treasured record collections, creating the perfect environment to unwind and listen to music.

A young woman relaxing listening to music with her headphones

When it comes to adding premium fitted furniture inside the home, one of the best in the business is Neville Johnson. In this feature, we are looking at how they can help you to create the perfect home library, vinyl room or bespoke storage areas in the home.

An extraordinary vinyl room made by Neville Johnson

A music room in the home
Listening to your favourite records in a dedicated music room provides the perfect environment in which you can relax and unwind in the evening. Bespoke Vinyl storage enables music lovers to organise their records exactly as they wish, ensuring they stay clean and damage-free for years to come.

The design features a combination of open shelving, which provides dedicated storage space for your best collections, and the closed cabinetry is ideal for concealing technology. Painted in the calming grey-blue shade of Dewberry, the colour has been perfectly paired with a rustic Oxford Oak finish, creating a sophisticated aesthetic.

White storage in a light green room

For bright and spacious homes
The Bright and Spacious Library is the perfect option for those looking to incorporate a calming reading space into their living room space. Alongside decorative ornaments and vases, display your books on bespoke shelving to enjoy a view of your favourite collections while you sit and relax in a bright and airy space.

The white shelving compliments the amount of natural light in the room and ensures that the room remains spacious and uplifting. This bespoke design choice shows how you can make books look stylish at home while ensuring that they are easy to access with the help of a useful, built-in ladder.

The bespoke dark green library

For boutique-style rooms
The Dark Green Library is an ideal choice for those looking to display their books in a luxurious and elegant setting within the home. This modern design option provides the perfect opportunity for book lovers to make an exclusive collection of novels part of the room’s stylish aesthetic.

The library features shaker style bespoke cabinetry for stylish storage, alongside open shelving to display more decorative items. An optimal choice for smaller rooms, this handcrafted bookcase creates a warm and cosy sanctuary that offers homeowners the chance to browse their collections in an attractive and enchanting environment.

Bespoke storage built into a room with a high ceiling

For those with lofty ceilings
This impressive modern library enables readers to design their bookshelves to meet their individual storage needs while incorporating a splash of colour in the room. This particular design is painted in ibis teal, making the room more vibrant and playful. The extensive library space enables avid readers to store a generous range of novels and collections that are easily accessible thanks to a built-in stylish ladder.

The wall-to-wall ceiling storage creates a stunning backdrop to the bright and welcoming library, enabling homeowners to appreciate the grand design while curling up with their favourite book. Channel at home escapism with this large library, which will make your home feel uncluttered and relaxed.

A Bespoke Vinyl Room or Home Library Will Bring Zen into the Home 3Simon Tcherniak, Senior Designer at Neville Johnson, said, “It’s a good idea to ensure that you choose your best and most beautiful books to display in key areas of your home, such as in the living room or the library. Your living room book collection, for instance, should give you joy and inspire you to choose a book and settle down in a comfy chair.

“There are several stylish ways you can arrange your books on the shelves. One interior designer trick is to turn attractive books sideways on the shelves so that they face out like pictures. Another way is to organise your books according to colour, which can look quite striking if you have an extensive collection to choose your colours from. You can also, of course, group books according to size, and it is usually possible to order similar-sized books by subject or author if you want to make your books easier to find.”

With over 35 years of experience in creating made-to-measure libraries, Neville Johnson can be considered a specialist in bespoke storage space design. The brand’s furniture renovations combine the flair of the UK’s top designers with the time-honoured skills of traditional craftsmen; all brought together with the client’s personal selection of materials, colours, and finishes.

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A Bespoke Vinyl Room or Home Library Will Bring Zen into the Home 4


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