Improving the Mind & Body with NewWave Retreats on England’s South Coast

Improving Mind & Body with NewWave Retreats on England's South Coast

There was a time when boot camp was all the rage when you could expect your body to be put through a harsh, intensive, rigorous training regime. But things have changed, and now it’s about improving the mind and the body. Brighton’s NewWave Wellness Retreat offers precisely that, and Sabi Phagura went to try it out.

With cold, biting, and horizontal rain on a bitterly cold Thursday, the last place I wanted to be, was on Brighton Beach, clad in nothing but my swimsuit and flip-flops. And things were about to get even colder. I had agreed to be submerged in an ice bath for two whole minutes. Yes, really.

An example of the incredible architecture on Brighton seafront

But my fellow ice bath recruits didn’t just take a leap of faith and get the two minutes ice blast over and done with. We built upon the experience with Wim Hof Method instructor Mathew Scott to grasp the theory behind this method and why it is good for us.

This cold exposure is a powerful part of the Wim Hof Method that can teach us how to influence the body consciously. It’s built on three pillars – mindset, breathing and exposure to cold. Dutch extreme athlete Wim Hof has broken several records relating to cold exposure, including climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in shorts and running a half marathon above the Arctic Circle Barefoot. He has cited cold as his ‘teacher’ in all he does.

The ice bath is more of a social ritual with many people joining in

After guiding us through the breathing exercises and teaching us how about the horse stance to help keep us warm, Mathew welcomed us one by one to sit in the ice bath. The first 15 seconds or so were the hardest, but with my intention set to do the challenge come what may, I preserved and slowly started to enjoy the experience.

A man and a woman trying the Wim Hof Ice Bath on Brighton Beach

I felt invigorated, and Matthew’s soothing words of encouragement helped him discover the WHM when he began experiencing physical and mental health problems due to life’s stresses.

NewWave Retreats Founder
NewWave Retreats, founded by Jamie Richardson, is designed to reinvigorate physical and mental wellness. He told us it’s a holistic approach that reaches beyond mere health and toward mental, spiritual and physical well-being and reaches toward other positive lifestyle factors such as gratitude, self-esteem, and success.

Danny giving the attendees advice on wellbeing in a classroom

With a focus on improving these key areas, the three-day residential boot camp stays at the Brighton Harbour Hotel and Spa (below) to reinvigorate physical and mental wellness. It provides members with all the tools they need to take the knowledge from the boot camp and integrate it into their own life with confidence, creating positive, long-lasting change.

The Brighton Harbour Hotel lounge

The Happy Coach Workshop
Our taster of the full retreat included another mindful and thought-provoking session through a workshop in a warm room with ‘Happiness Coach’ Kate Dennison. The RMT certified Brighton-based life coach took us through an open eye meditation and the box breathing technique and talked us through the Hero’s Journey Chart.

You may not have heard of this, but you will be familiar with this common narrative archetype template that involves a hero who embarks on nature, learns a lesson, is victorious and returns home transformed with newfound knowledge.

It was eye-opening to see how we could place ourselves on the chart at different stages of our life and how we dealt with the situation. Truly inspirational and gave me food for thought.

WTF4 training at Devil's Dyke Brighton

Working Out With WTF4
Working our body was taken care of with sessions with We’re The Fitness 4 Team in their small but mighty fitness studio and an outdoor session at Devils Dyke, the highest viewing point in Sussex. The sessions with Mitch O’Grady and Ian Jackson were heart-pumping, sweat-inducing and incorporated kettlebells, power bags, ropes and TRX. Sure they were tough, but they were also playful and fun.

Fitness training with WTF4

We only had a taster session of the retreat, but the full sessions will incorporate happiness coaching, sunrise meditation and reflexology, laughter yoga, kundalini eye contact, Wim Hof breathwork/cold exposure, Devils Dyke in the wild fitness sessions, cookery classes and beach volleyball.

An example of one of the healthy meals at the retreat

A standard day will also consist of freshly cooked meals with breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as three snacks prepared by their chef. The food during my two-day session was exceptionally good, although a tad bit on the small portion size for me and lacking protein for what I’m used to. But the electric Brighton atmosphere, fresh sea air and the ability to be my authentic self at this Bootcamp most certainly satisfied my soul.

NewWave Wellbeing Retreats – Where and How?

NewWave Wellbeing Retreats are three days, two nights. The prices are £745 pp for double ensuite single occupancy or £675pp for double or twin room double occupancy. The course without accommodation costs £495. Guests can book throughout the rest of the year via

Those wishing to learn more about the Wim Hof Method Fundamentals Workshop can visit

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