How Non-Surgical ‘Facelift’ Dentistry Can Take Years Off Your Appearance

How Non-Surgical 'Facelift' Dentistry Can Take Years Off Your Appearance

Non-surgical treatments have become even more popular this year, and in this article we’re investigating the benefits of ‘Facelift’ dentistry, exploring the health benefits and how it can drastically improve the appearance of your face.

If you think a beautiful smile can only be created by braces or surgery, think again! There is a revolutionary new type of dental treatment, that can correct misaligned bites, improving the appearance of your whole face as well as your smile. But without having to resort to jaw surgery and lengthy treatment with braces. Here are some insights from the team at, describing how this new and exclusive treatment works.

What is a misaligned bite?
Your ‘bite’ is the way your upper and lower teeth fit together when resting naturally, as determined by your jaw. In a ‘normal’ healthy bite, the upper teeth sit slightly over the lower row of teeth, and the molars fit neatly together with grooves and points neatly aligned. There are several ways your bite can be misaligned (also known as malocclusion).

An overbite is when the upper jaw and teeth severely overlap the lower teeth; an underbite is the opposite, where the lower jaw and teeth severely overlap the upper teeth. With an open bite, the upper and lower teeth do not overlap, and you may struggle to close your lips over your teeth. Misaligned bites tend to be corrected in childhood; however, they can continue to cause problems if they remain throughout adulthood. Fixing this problem has both health and cosmetic benefits!

Misaligned bites can cause toothache

What health problems can a misaligned bite cause?
Malocclusion often results in unnecessary pressure on the jaw. This can cause a disorder of the temporomandibular joint (where the upper and lower jaws meet), leading to painful muscle tension in the jaw, neck, shoulders, and back. The temporomandibular joint disorder can also result in teeth grinding is also common, resulting in enamel damage and tooth decay.

Severe malocclusions can result in speech problems such as lisping, breathing difficulties, and problems biting or chewing. Overbites can also narrow the airways causing poor sleep quality. It can be surprising how an incorrectly positioned jaw can cause so many health problems!

How does a misaligned bite affect facial aesthetics?
All types of misaligned bit can prematurely age your appearance:

  • An uneven bite can affect the overall shape and symmetry of the face and profile, resulting in low self-esteem
  • An overbite can create a weak undefined receding jaw, a prominent upper lip and the appearance of sunken cheeks
  • A deep overbite creates a short round face.
  • An underbite produces a prominent jaw.
  • An open bite creates an overly long face and may even affect speech.

The JawTrac dentistry treatment

How does this new treatment ( JawTrac ) work?
Bite restoration is much more effective when the jaw position is optimized, rather than just correcting the teeth’ position. Balancing functionality with aesthetics, this non-invasive facelift uses specialized technology to align the jaw to its optimal position, dramatically improving any facial imbalances.

This brings out the best version of your smile, often giving a more natural-looking smile, and one huge advantage over braces is that the procedure can be completed in as little as 1−3 weeks, as opposed to several months or years.

Performing a non surgical dental facelift

How does it differ from cosmetic dentistry?
Cosmetic dental treatment tends to focus solely on the teeth and smile, whereas this applies a holistic approach to optimize the shape of the entire face by correcting jaw alignment. Cosmetic procedures tend to involve long-term options such as orthodontic braces, dental implants, and in severe cases, jaw surgery, which requires substantial recovery time.

Rather than merely providing “cosmetic camouflage”, the entire face and profile will be enhanced. So as well as improved facial aesthetics, the jaw will function more naturally as well.

A vast array of benefits:

  • Non-invasive
  • No drilling
  • No unnecessary removal or filing down of your natural teeth
  • No aligners or braces
  • No downtime
  • Reliable and speedy results
  • Minimal recovery time
  • Reduced risk of complications
  • Improved long-term dental and oral health

Improved wellbeing:

  • No more temporomandibular joint pain
  • Fewer headaches
  • Fewer neck tensions
  • Better sleep quality
  • Improved breathing
  • More effective chewing
  • Improved speech

What does it involve, and who is it suitable for?
With any patients undergoing this treatment, the first step is a preliminary consultation to examine their face and use technology to determine eligibility and demonstrate what the results could look like. A follow-up appointment will involve x-rays, photos, videos, and the creation of a custom appliance. The jaw restoration treatment will then take place, plus any individual tooth restorations required to fine-tune the final results.

This non-surgical treatment is ideal for anyone that has:

  • A misaligned bite
  • That is unhappy with their overall face shape and how their smile looks.
  • And that wants quick, reliable results with minimum invasion or downtime

How facelife dentistry can improve your face

Real-life case study
For a 65-year old patient from Florida, USA who had worn and discoloured teeth barely visible when she smiled due to a strong overbite and facial collapse, the procedure changed her life: “I now feel more confident to open my mouth, to smile, to talk to people − it will make the rest of my life happier!”

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How Non-Surgical 'Facelift' Dentistry Can Take Years Off Your Appearance 2


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