How to Keep Your Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree Looking Magnificent

How to Keep Your Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree Looking Magnificent

There’s no doubt that when it comes to Christmas trees, most people tend to opt for artificial trees over real ones as they are more affordable, create less mess and can be reused. But nothing beats a Nordmann Fir Christmas tree to bring about the true festive spirit.

The Nordmann Fir is the king of trees and by far the most sought-after Christmas tree year on year. Gloriously green and perfectly bushy, the Nordmann Fir needles stay attached (mostly) throughout the festive season. They are undoubtedly Instagram-worthy, and to keep them picture-perfect, we caught up with tree supplier Pines and Needles to bring you some essential care tips to prolong the life of your tree.

Below, we take you through some simple steps that will ensure your Christmas tree looks its best and continues to produce its beautiful Christmas fragrance.

A well positioned real Christmas tree in a reception room

Positioning is key
It’s easy to overlook where to position your tree if you are limited with space. But choosing the right spot can make a difference to the ‘life and death’ of the tree. Originating from the mountainous regions of Europe, the Nordmann Fir is accustomed to cold climates. Therefore, positioning the tree away from radiators, fireplaces, and direct sunlight will prevent it from dying and help keep it fresh for longer.

Most trees will be prepared and ready for installation when you buy them. But in case your one isn’t prepared, Pines and Needles suggest sawing off the trunk by one inch. This is to ensure the pores in the bark open up and prevent blocking up the sap within a few hours. Your tree will then be able to consume water through the capillary action, which allows it to stay fresh for the entire festive season.

A member of staff from Pines & Needles maintaining a tree

Give it water
This is a real tree, and water is essential to keep it fresh ad healthy, just like us. Therefore, a good, specifically designed watering stand is needed when topping up your tree with a drink. Once secured in the stand, let the tree settle into its natural position before decorating. Depending on its size and your heating settings, your tree may need one to two litres of water daily. Keeping it hydrated is important to prevent sap resealing if the water level drops below the tree’s trunk. Daily watering is a great way to keep your tree looking its best.

After Christmas
We all know how important recycling is, so don’t let your Christmas tree go to waste. If you fancy a workout to burn off all those mince pies, have a go at chopping up the wood from the tree. Chipped wood can be turned into mulch or used for park footpaths and bridleways. If you’re not feeling energetic, don’t worry, as Pines and Needles offer a collection and recycling service, so you won’t have to lift a finger.

Christmas trees being grown in Scotland

If you’ve yet to buy your tree, you still have time to get one. Pines and Needles grow, nurture, harvest and hand-pick all their trees. They can deliver your tree to your door, install it and even decorate it taking the stress out of Christmas.

Pines and Needles – Where and How?

The Pines & Needles cabin

Pines and Needles are known for their support of charities with over 20 years of donating to great causes. They’ve planted thousands of trees and donated to a wide variety of educational and environmental projects as far away as Africa and South-East Asia. The company was founded by Josh and Sam Lyle in 1995 and will be familiar to many as it was the company that supplied Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s tree in 2016.

To get your hands on your very own real Christmas tree in time for the festive season or more information on the company, visit

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