Some of the Best Places in Nova Scotia for Stargazing in 2021/2022

Stargazing while camping at Graves Island, South Shore, in Nova Scotia

Wherever you look outdoors, you’ll find something that will help to put your mind at rest. During the day, it’s flora and fauna, and at night, it’s the stars. In this guide, we’re looking at three places in Nova Scotia that are ideal locations for the night owls, particularly those who enjoy stargazing.

Mental health is a significant concern in the world today. Holiday firms, hotel chains, architects and designers all realise this and are currently embroiled in finding new ways to bring people closer to the natural world.

Nature has an incredibly positive impact on the way people feel. Just looking at greenery and wildlife during the day or looking up at the stars at night can help to clear one’s thoughts, change perspectives and free up space to look at life differently.

For this guide, we’re focusing on those who enjoy stargazing. For this, we’re heading to Nova Scotia, home to the Acadian Skies and Mi’kmaq Lands and the first designated dark sky destination in North America. Nova Scotia is a perfect destination for those wanting to boost their mental wellness, whether it be at night or during the day.

People sitting outside the glass igloo at Archers Edge admiring the stars

Visitors to Nova Scotia will be able to enjoy the night sky on a guided hike, a bike tour, a stay in a sky bubble, or they can just sit back and take in the starlit sky at night from their campsite. Nova Scotia is undoubtedly one of the world’s best places for stargazing and below is a hand-picked selection of where you should head to for the best experience.

People being educated on the stars at the Deep Sky Eye Observatory

For those who enjoy looking up at the night sky and admiring the stars, The Deep Sky Eye Observatory is the perfect place to do it. Sit back with a warm blanket in an anti-gravity chair and let them guide you through the universe. Learn to navigate the night sky using points of reference such as Polaris and the constellations and see live views of the night sky’s celestial wonders through their outdoor telescope.

Fancy a Sky Bubble Experience?
For something a little more lavish, why not spend the night in comfort in a queen size bed under the stars in a heated Sky Bubble. A 16ft wide inflated tent with an 11ft clear vinyl dome offers an incredible view of the night sky! You can read more about this here.

Continuing along the Yarmouth & Acadian Shores region, Trout Point Lodge is the perfect choice for those who prefer a guided stargazing experience in style. Located about 30 minutes inland from the town of Yarmouth, this luxury wilderness resort is situated within the core zone of the Acadian Skies & Mi’kmaq Lands Starlight Tourist Destination. It’s also located next to the certified Starlight Reserve, known as the Tobeatic Wilderness Area.

A couple enjoying the night sky at Trout Point Lodge

Equipped with a stargazing platform, advanced telescopic equipment and a knowledgeable staff astronomer, the resort offers star and solar gazing excursions. It offers some breathtaking views and can, and if you’re lucky, you could see the Aurora Borealis along with some amazing meteor showers.

If you want to make the most of your visit, you should book yourself into the Starlight Culinary Escape package, where you will ​indulge in a luxury wilderness escape. The package will let you savour an artfully prepared Nova Scotia gourmet dinner featuring courses curated by your chef and sommelier, and then wind your way along the river and through the forest with your guide, where the depths of the night sky will be revealed to you.

A young boy looking at the night sky through a telescope

Located in the Bay of Fundy & Annapolis Valley region, another great place for stargazing is Kejimkujik National Park & National Historic Site. Light pollution is one of the major negatives for those who enjoy stargazing. You don’t need to worry about that here. The park was designated as a Dark Sky Preserve by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada in 2010. What this means is that most of the park has a restriction on the use of artificial light.

Stargazing at The Ovens

All of this means it truly is a stargazer’s paradise, with clear nights offering unparalleled views of the moon, constellations and planets. An even better way to stargaze is to set up camp at one of the many campsites throughout the park, including serviced sites with electricity and others that are lit only by the stars! You can discover more about the national park here.

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Some of the Best Places in Nova Scotia for Stargazing in 2021/2022 2


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