A Concert In Your Own Home With Performers From NS Premiere Recitals

A Concert In Your Own Home With Performers From NS Premiere Recitals

Imagine having Mozart, Bach and Strauss performing in your own home while you relax on your sofa with fine wine and superb food. This would have been how wealthy people in centuries past listened to music. The performers themselves would have played in front of small groups at private functions. NS Premiere Recitals is reimagining the past by bringing their Musicians to where you want to listen to them.

Natasha Sachsenmeier (main image) created NS Premiere Recitals to help address the terrible situation musicians found themselves in during the first lockdown. Live music performances were all cancelled having detrimental effects on artists.

Natasha is an accomplished and renowned Violinist having studied at the Royal Academy of Music before obtaining a degree at Trinity College, Cambridge. Working as a freelance musician, she saw first hand how the Covid-19 pandemic hit the industry. Not a person to sit and wait, she used her talents to gather professionals sharing her idea of bringing back live music into peoples’ homes.

The company allows outstanding young classical musicians a way to continue performing during this challenging time for the arts. Natasha spotted a real gap in the market when it comes to the public having straightforward access to very high-quality concert artists in more private, informal settings.

Three of the NS Premiere Recitals performers

Currently, 14 performers are on the NS Premiere Recitals website; all of them well on their way to outstanding careers in the music world, several of them considered the best instrumentalists of their generation. Natasha handpicked these artists because they combine musical talent with charisma, personality and the ability to communicate with an audience.

NS Premiere Recitals customers can select an artist of their choice as well as personalise their private concert, with different recital lengths and options of music available. The performers will also happily create a concert programme of their own choice for you.

Performers at a private in home concert

The whole process is supported by a personal consultation service which assists at every step of the way to make sure the customer ends up with their perfect private recital. Due to lockdown, the format is mainly online at the moment, but restrictions allowing arrangements can be made for artists to travel to a client’s home if suitable.

A male clarinetist ready to perform

NS Premiere Recitals offers the opportunity to hear, interact on a personal level with fabulous young stars who you would typically see from a distance in concert halls or opera houses. They will play a bespoke concert explicitly created for the client, making it an exceptional and unique experience, which no one will forget.

Pianist playing at an in home private concert

I would love a Carol concert in my home or to purchase this for a loved one. To hear Christmas songs performed live would take me back to my school days and cold nights in an assembly hall, with children and parents, singing out Oh Little Town of Bethlehem. That sets the tone for my Festive season.

From all at Luxurious Magazine have a wonderful Christmas.

NS Premiere Recitals – Where and How?

  • Pianist/Guitarist: £350/£425/£500 for 30/45/60 mins of music.
  • Solo unaccompanied instrumentalist: £300/£375/£450 for 30/45/60 mins of music.
  • Duo (instrumentalist or singer with piano accompaniment): £375/£475/£575 for 30/45/60 mins of music.

Plus travel expenses for the artists where applicable.

Photo credits: Piano shots: Marie-Jeanne van Hövell tot Westerflier, opéra stage shot: Eric Bouloumié, violin photo credited.

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A Concert In Your Own Home With Performers From NS Premiere Recitals 2


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