The Old Sawmills in Cornwall is a Property to Make Your Heart Sing

The Old Sawmills in Cornwall is A Property to Make Your Heart Sing

Given how crazy this year has been, is there anything better than looking at idyllic properties where you can escape all the madness? The latest outstanding property we’ve decided to feature is The Old Sawmills in Cornwall. In addition to its stunning location, this unique home has a rather unique musical history.

If you’re anything like me and given what’s thrust in front of our eyes each day, you will, at some point this year have thought ‘I need to get away from it all’.

I could be mistaken, but it’s as if the mainstream news broadcasts is deliberately picking news to wind up or annoy their viewers? In light of this, is it any surprise that thousands of homebuyers are heading to the countryside and running for the hills?

This brings us on to the Old Sawmills and its incredible location. It’s one of those unique properties that truly allows you to escape from the world and Definitely, Maybe has a rather unique background story.

Privacy is probably the main selling point with this property, it is only accessible by boat or foot so you won’t be getting those annoying boy racers waking you up in the night or gangs of bored youths hanging around outside. Probably the only things to disturb your solitude will be the sounds of waves and the odd seagull squawking.

With its 32 acres of beautiful woodland and direct water frontage, this will be like your own small, very private country.

The Old Sawmills is situated between Golant and Fowey on Cornwall’s South coast, and it is on the market for the first time in almost 50 years. Yes, I know you’ll be wanting to know how much it costs; it is on the market for offers in excess of £2.25m.

Aside from the expansive grounds, The Old Sawmills has seven bedrooms, a self-contained two-bedroomed lodge, a private creek with two pontoons and mooring on the estuary. With its two-bedrooms, the timber-clad lodge is an ideal place to house visitors and provides optimum social-distancing.

If this wasn’t enough, it also has two further outbuildings offering an extra five and three rooms respectively. Both these buildings have water, power and drainage opening up a wide range of possibilities.

Now to the pièce de résistance, the one thing that separates the Old Sawmills from almost every other small estate. It has it’s very own recording studio with a control room, Juliet balcony and three isolation booths!

The Old Sawmills Cornwall recording studio

The recording studio was first opened in 1974 and has played host to the Rolling Stones, The Verve, Oasis, Robert Plant and Muse. In fact, Oasis’s album Definitely Maybe was recorded at the property, imagine that as an anecdote to tell visitors! Come on, how often would you get the opportunity to purchase a property with a backstory like this?

Richard Speedy, selling agent at Strutt & Parker’s Exeter office, says, “The Old Sawmills has been in its present ownership since the early 1980s and has been a recording studio for 46 years. In the latter years, as the music industry has changed, the holiday accommodation side of the business became more prevalent.

However, the time has now come for the vendor to move on, and this timing provides the best opportunity to capture the market, particularly in light of how recent months have changed the value we place on seclusion, privacy and quietness.

For someone looking for a complete lifestyle change or a more inspiring place to create music, The Old Sawmills offers this in volumes.”

This property is truly unique, and as I have said in a previous article, it’s not as expensive as some would think especially when you compare it to the price of a small home in some parts of London.

Given its, space, location and incredible recording history, it truly is one-of-a-kind and is the ideal place to escape the madness!

If you want to discover more about the property, view more pictures and contact Strutt & Parker click here.

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The Old Sawmills in Cornwall is a Property to Make Your Heart Sing 2


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