Oliver James Introduces New Outdoor Sustainable Luxury Double Lilos

Oliver James Introduces Outdoor Sustainable Luxury with its New Double Lilos

Oliver James, the company that specialises in creating the most refined luxury upholstered pool floats in the world, has introduced two new double lilos to their range. The new ‘The Doubles’ fit two people, give extra space to a single user and embody the traditional design aesthetic of the signature classic bar stripe synonymous with the brand.

The timeless designs used by Oliver James take their inspiration from iconic destinations, including the Hamptons and Los Angeles, and are ideal for use on a beach, by a pool, a garden and even on a boat. ‘The Doubles’ are the latest addition to the Oliver James collection, drawing inspiration from life’s beautiful experiences and creating memories with friends and loved ones.

‘The Doubles’ come in two different colourways: the Shore Linen double lilo in beige and white, and the Shore Regatta, in blue and white. The current Oliver James collection includes nine single lilos within three ranges: Lisos, Panama, and Shore.

A man laying on one of the double lilos in the garden

Oliver James wants to redefine people’s poolside and outdoor experiences by creating sustainable luxury outdoor products. Each of their lilos is far more than a cut above the cheap plastic lilos that flood the market. Thanks to their high calibre production methods, they are durable, comfortable and designed for longevity and bring some extra style to the outdoors.

Their lilos use top-notch materials sourced from the U.S and Spain, which results in aesthetically pleasing, high-quality products. They can be inflated using a USB rechargeable pump, and when not needed, they fold into a beautiful tote bag, ready to accompany you on your next outdoor foray.

Q&A with Oliver Micklewright, founder Oliver James

A couple laying on a double lilo by the pool

What does ‘the Doubles’ represent as an expansion of the Oliver James brand?
OM: The original lilos our family had in France were double lilos. I have so many fond memories of relaxing on them with my parents and friends, talking away the summer days. The content and philosophy around our doubles are all about conveying that they are made to be shared and enjoyed to facilitate a quintessential summer experience.

Are you planning to launch more colourways for ‘the Doubles’?
OM: We’re excited to initially see the feedback from our customers on ‘the Doubles’. We’ve launched them in what seems to be becoming our iconic stripes and, of course, if we get the reception we hope for, we’d love to increase the range.

How do Oliver James lilos make for a more sustainable alternative to plastic pool floats?
OM: The main battle now is against PVC plastic pool floats; the flamingos’, the swans, and other hugely popular toys. PVC is notoriously hard to recycle, and its lifespan is only limited to a few months. It’s a significant business that generates a lot of waste. Some cool companies out there have found interesting ways to recycle PVC, one of our favourites being Wyatt and Jack®. There are also a few individuals out there campaigning for legislation against the sale of PVC pool floats, and it is possible that there may be something official on the horizon.

We do not use any PVC in our products, but our job at Oliver James is three-fold regarding sustainability. We must use the best materials and techniques to manufacture lilos that last while trying to use highly recyclable materials and recycle when we can. We hope that with our growth, we’ll further be able to establish systems to lower our carbon footprints, whether through building out our offsetting programs or collection and recycling programs.

A family using one of the double lilos in the garden

What’s next for Oliver James?
OM: 2022 is all about building on the success since our launch and creating a platform and network that can facilitate our development and growth while looking after our growing customer base of HNW individuals. We’re confident now that there is a place in the market for luxury pool floats, and we’re learning every day how to continue growing the market.

Besides lilos and our luxury pool lifestyle brand, one of Oliver James’ targets is to build a quality pneumatics brand. 2022 will be an important year for product development as we push to innovate on materials and products that will complement our lilo categories and open new categories and markets.

About Oliver James
Redefining the poolside experience, Oliver James is the brand behind the world’s finest luxury upholstered pool floats, available worldwide. Complementing any al fresco setting, Oliver James lilos can be easily deflated in minutes, seamlessly stored, and brought out to be enjoyed or to complete the décor for special events, both in and out of the water.

Woven outdoor performance fabrics and soft-to-touch TPU inflatable film create a secure, long-lasting luxury pool float that inflates with seamless movement and precision-engineered design. All of the pieces within the collection are engineered to resist outdoor elements and withstand damage caused by chlorine, saltwater, and sunlight.

For more information on the latest collection, visit oliverjameslilos.com.

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