The Onda 321L Custom Limo Tender Elevates a Rather Staid Sector

Onda 321L Custom Limo Tender Elevates a Rather Staid Sector

The new Onda 321L Custom Limo Tender which was designed for the 95m megayacht O’Pari has been unveiled. Unlike some other tenders, this Greek-built boat has looks that would very likely excite a well-known British secret agent.

Most tenders are quite boring looking. Yes, we know they’re designed for a specific purpose which is to transport people from a yacht to land in comfort etc. But, do they need to look so bland?

The Greek boatbuilder and this tender’s new owner thinks not. This new Onda 321L Custom Limo Tender has beautiful lines and luxurious touches which are more than enough to make many speedboat owners weep.

The sale for the tender was completed at last year’s Monaco Yacht Show, and it’s sea trials have already been completed meaning it is ready to be delivered to its new owner.

There is a nice Greek connection here as the new owner’s yacht, the O’Pari, was also built in Greece.

Onda 321L Custom Limo Tender has a top speed of 42 knots

The new Onda 321L Custom Limo Tender is a tad under 10 metres in length (9.75m) and has an impressive top speed of 42 knots which is just under 50 mph. The main reason why this tender is so quick is it uses lightweight composite materials including carbon vinyl ester.

These materials, coupled with a deep v-hull and lightweight propulsion system, means that this tender will literally run rings around other tenders.

If you’re thinking, this boat sounds like it’s going to be overly noisy, you’d be wrong. The cabin has been very well insulated which minimises noise and vibration (think Lexus) so passengers can enjoy a refined ride and almost unheard of tender speeds.

Inside the Onda 321L Custom Limo Tender

Inside you’ll find a number of the owner’s specific requests. It has a teak and leather cabin interior which can seat up to ten people. It has the always essential fridge, an espresso machine and a colour scheme to match the O’Pari. The tender also benefits from an adapted fender system which gives it an even sleeker look.

Increasing the fun-factor, the Onda 321L Custom Limo Tender also has a skylight which extends the full length of the cabin. The navigation console is separate to where the guests are seated providing extra privacy, and it even has a swim platform with direct access to the water.

Onda 321L Custom Limo Tender

Most tenders are regarded as just a water taxi, but this tender is more like a sportscar for the sea. It’s a fitting addition to a beautiful megayacht like O’Pari.

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The Onda 321L Custom Limo Tender Elevates a Rather Staid Sector 2


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