Treat Your Feet To An On The Go Massage With OOFOS Footwear

Treat Your Feet To An On The Go Massage With OOFOS Footwear

Reap the benefits of post-run recovery on the go, with OOFOS recovery shoes, slides and flip-flops.

From protein shakes to compression socks, to foam rollers – there are plenty of products available to recover after a tough workout.

But have you ever considered your footwear?

I didn’t know recovery footwear was a thing until OOFOS kindly sent me some of their shoes and slides to try.

OOFOS are leading the way when it comes to recovery footwear.

An energetic dancer wearing OOFOS shoesTheir product range is specially designed to provide active recovery for runners, with a comfortable and stylish range of footwear. Wearing their shoes is like getting a massage for your feet on the go.

What makes their footwear popular with runners is the revolutionary OOfoam® technology. This special foam absorbs 37% more impact than the ordinary flip-flops or slides you’d chuck on after a hard run or workout.

By absorbing the impact from your steps and cradling your arches, the OOFOS range helps your feet, ankles and knees recover better after exercise.

Their shoes aren’t just for runners either; everyone can benefit from OOfoam® technology, especially those with tired feet after a long day at work.

The brand began with their hugely popular OOriginal flip-flop (£45) and today have branched out to offer slides and shoes as well.

What’s unique about the flip-flops and slides are that they’re crafted from a single piece of material, meaning they’re incredibly comfortable and there’s less chance of chaffing. I definitely reaped the benefits of stable support and OOfoam® technology, while wearing their OOahh Slide (£45) around the house. The Slide seems to mould to the shape of my feet, and it was reassuring to hear from the brand’s founders that they tested really well across all different types of runners and running gaits.

Two of the shoes, one in black and the other in lilac colour

OOFOS’s founders – Paul Brown, Juan Diaz and Lou Panaccione – have some serious shoe expertise behind them.

Paul, Co-founder and Executive Director, is recognised as one of the most accomplished shoe designers in the world, conceiving and creating innovative footwear for major shoe brands. Co-founder Juan is also one of the global footwear industry’s leading shoe designers, who led the design and development of several shoe collections for Clarks, Dunlop and Pirelli. Finally, Lou, like his fellow OOFOS co-founders, has won global recognition for his noted advancements to the footwear industry.

The trio began the OOFOS journey on a mission to “positively disrupt the long-standing athletic shoe principle” and to “create an entirely new category of footwear that would break barriers and raise the bar for work-out recovery shoe”.

After tireless development and prototyping, OOFOS’s innovative OOfoam™ technology was born.

Young woman jumping in the air in OOFOS flipflops

Fast-forward to today, and, as well as their flagship indoor flip-flop, the brand has launched a causal fashion shoe, designed to be worn on the go. It means you can enjoy the recovery benefits of the foam when you’re popping to the shops or meeting a friend for coffee.

The OOmg eeZee Low (£110) is immensely comfy and can be worn with or without socks, thanks to the hugging design. The rubber part of the shoe is thick and durable, making the shoes worth the price tag. Oh, and they look great too, especially when paired with some leggings.

OOFOS – Where & How?

For more information or to buy shoes from the OOFOS range, head to

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Treat Your Feet To An On The Go Massage With OOFOS Footwear 2


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