Oppo Brothers Wants Someone to Create Delicious Ice Cream in their Lab

Oppo Brothers Wants Someone to Create Delicious Ice Cream in their Lab

There are very few people out there who don’t enjoy the taste of ice cream; it’s one of those desserts that always sits atop everyone’s impossible to resist lists. If you’re one of the billions who enjoy a scoop or two, we have some exciting news; Oppo Brothers are on the lookout for someone to help create new and exciting ice cream flavours, and yes, it is a proper salaried job!

Working in an ice cream company, how cool would that be? (Excuse the pun); this would be a pipe dream for many people, along the same lines as being a chocolate taster or working in a zoo with baby animals. The good news is there is an actual dream job currently available, and one lucky person could find themselves creating the next best-selling flavour at Oppo Brothers.

Oppo Brothers are famous for their mission to create feel-good indulgence that’s better for health and the planet, and they want someone to be part of it! Think a little bit Willy Wonka, a little bit mad scientist (without the crazy hair) and a whole lot of delicious ice cream, and you’ll get the idea.

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About the role
Oppo has some exciting plans in the pipeline, and to make it a reality is searching for a New Product Development Technologist to take them from churn to shelf. With recent products, including a CBD infused Choc n’ Chill variety, the sky is really the limit when it comes to creativity. You’ll get the chance to get hands-on with developing concepts in the Oppo lab, creating products aligned with customer needs, and work with suppliers around the globe to source exciting new ingredients that align with the Oppo ethos.

Read all about the role by clicking here.

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About Oppo Brothers
Oppo Brothers are the brainchild of Harry and Charlie Thuillier. They wanted to create ice cream that made you feel good but not at the expense of your health. In their early days, they pitched their idea to the Dragon’s Den investors, hoping to receive a £60,000 investment for a 7% share in their business.

Although they were unable to secure the investment they wanted from the TV show, they did, however, raise a staggering £1.1 million in funding via the Seedrs platform, which investors have now sold for a significant profit. As mentioned earlier, health is a big part of Oppo Brothers products which even raised the interest of tennis superstar Sir Any Murray.

Sir Andy tried their products and loved them. So much so, he decided to invest in the ice cream dream, helping to introduce Oppo to over 140k people.

Since then, they have become the only lower calorie ice cream brand to win Great Taste Awards and refuse to compromise on health or taste. Charlie and Harry believe that their success is down to Oppo’s focus on the quality of product and premium, natural ingredients, plus an understanding that consumers are unwilling to compromise on taste.

The Oppo Ethos
Unlike some companies who use words such as environmentally friendly and sustainable as a marketing exercise to generate sales, The Oppo Brothers team puts their money where their mouth is. An example of this is, for every sustainably managed tree that has been cut down for packaging, they’ll plant five more.

Their packaging plant is run on green energy, and they’ve chosen to remove all gold foil for their packaging to help with recycling. Another benefit of removing the foil is that it takes less energy to produce the packaging. In addition to this, they pay the cocoa farmers above the market rate, and profits are invested back into the local community to help with its infrastructure, such as building new schools.

Oppo Brothers want to do right by the people as well as the environment and use the hashtag #GoodTemptation to highlight this. The milk used in their products is sourced locally from cows that are free to roam and to help reduce the impact of C02, they champion circular farming methods to minimise any waste.

Oppo Brother ice cream is available to buy from Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Whole Foods, M&S and Ocado. You can find more information on the company along with their current product range at

N.B. You will need a degree level food science qualification and experience in an FMCG product development role.

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