The Oriens Pilatus PC-12 NGX Continues to Reach News Heights

Oriens Pilatus PC-12 NGX in flight

An Oriens Aviation Pilatus PC-12 NGX has found a new home in England. A private customer based in the North West has recently become the latest owner of this stylish executive aircraft which is said to be ideal for both business and leisure use.

Avoiding the crowds in every environment is becoming the wish of everyone at the moment, and it will continue. It’s particularly evident in airports as people stay away from flying commercially, and I believe air travel will not recover as we know it. If you have the financial wealth to own your own plane or a share in one, then an aircraft such as the PC-12 NGX would make life a whole lot simpler.

Owning a share in a plane is becoming a viable proposition now with companies such as Pilatus producing models like their PC-12 NGX. It’s a stylish aircraft with a superb layout with the option of six to eight executive seats.

A single turboprop powers the PC-12 NGX which has taken three years to construct. It has an array of enhancements over the PC-12 NG, notably the PT6E-67XP Pratt & Whitney engine with an electronic propeller digitally controlled.

BMW Designworks has worked with Pilatus to equip the cabin interior modelled around the PC-24 Super Versatile jet. The cabin is brighter than the PC-12 NG as it has 10% more window area. Passengers also get extra headroom which is a real benefit.

Oriens Pilatus PC-12 NGX interior seating

The aircraft has fully reclining seats, with improved lumbar comfort come in the executive model, and the newest WiFi connections and cabin noise is reduced with the low-speed propeller mode, so passengers have a much quieter flight.

An Advanced Cockpit Environment houses Honeywell’s Epic 2.0 avionics and a touchscreen avionics controller.

Taken from what CEO of Oriens Edwin Brenninkmeyer stated about the PC-12 NGX, it is a leading performance turboprop, representing excellent value for money, with up to 1,800 nm range and a maximum cruise speed of 290 knots. To date, 20 of the latest generation model have been sold worldwide, boosting the number of PC-12s flying worldwide to over 1,750.

He also explained the company are in a perfect storm for client interest, not just as a versatile and sensibly priced executive aircraft, also in special mission, medevac roles too.

Commenting on what I have touched on, Edwin supported my theory that with people shunning large airports and commercial airlines there is a significant interest in private plane flights.

An attention to health and safety in air travel and passenger nervousness regarding the ‘Large airport’ experience is acute. Current trends reflect in increased enquiries the company are seeing among savvy entrepreneurs and business owners who want to keep their families and employees safe.

Pilatus PC-12 NGX’s for 2020 are all taken up, Oriens’ next NGX delivery scheduled in mid-2021. Oriens can access near-new, low-time PC-12 NG inventory for UK and Ireland’s clients looking for immediate shipment, however.

Oriens is talking with a few prospective clients interested in putting the PC-12 onto an Air Operator’s Certificate. The company believes there will be increased prospects for UK-based shared ownership/syndicate acquisition models too. It is working with partners on rolling out innovative financing packages to support such interest.

The Oriens Pilatus PC-12 NGX Continues to Reach News Heights 3

The unit price is $ 5.5 million for a standard configured passenger aircraft. If you and some friends can buy one and keep up with the operating costs having a PC-12 NGX would make sense, especially if you do need to fly for business. The convenience of attending a small airport, boarding your Pilatus plane would be considerably more pleasurable than attending Heathrow with all that is involved in mass travel.

For more information on UK availability, visit You can read more information about the PC-12 NGX at

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The Oriens Pilatus PC-12 NGX Continues to Reach News Heights 4


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