Pascale Hayward talks to Chandy Casale of Casale & Co

 Pascale Hayward talks to Chandy Casale of Casale & Co

Half French, half Italian, born in Caracas, Chandy Casale symbolizes Parisian chic and Italian beauty. I met her in her London office and discovered a young and passionate businesswoman full of energy and ready to conquer the world of luxury.

Chandy Casale of Casale & CoLM: Chandy, what does your company Casale & Co specialise in?
CC: Casale and Co is an international Public Relations and Brand Strategy agency based in Knightsbridge, London, in front of Harrods, specialising in luxury brands. The services we offer to our clients include Brand Consulting, Public Relations and Events Organization as well as their implantation into the UK market. We meet the needs of each client to offer a very personal level of services.

LM: Give us a brief resume of your career?
CC: I studied 4 years at ISCOM (Advertising and Communication) Paris institution and obtained a Masters in Communication. I then started my career on the LVMH account at “EUROSCG” (Works), which is one of the best advertising agencies and I worked there for two years. Following this, I was Communications Director at Wolford, Paris for 3 years when, in 2003, I decided to start my own agency Casale and Co in Paris.

LM: Being established and dealing with luxury brands in the prestigious Rue Montaigne in Paris, why move to London?
CC: I moved to London when I decided to settle with my fiancé – I believed London was the right place to start a family. I have been fascinated by English culture and the market and this inspired me to start a new challenge in my professional life.

LM: How was it to start again in a new market?
CC: From the start I found the UK market exciting and very interesting. It was open and rich in opportunities. I’ve met new clients from many different cultures including Russian, Brazilian and Middle Eastern. I never had the chance to deal with these in Paris.

LM: Which luxury companies or brands do you represent?
I represent…

  • Sicis, an Italian group known worldwide for its stunning mosaic artworks but new on the UK market. I represent all their collections (Jewels, Watches, Furniture and Art).
  • Nicolas Barelier for RONI “Floral Design “. Nicolas Barelier is well known as the premier flower designer for a client roster that includes celebrities, royal families, CEO’s and global companies.
  • Tyler Alexandra a gorgeous handbag brand from the USA.
  • Shape Audio, sound system and a masterpiece of Art.
  • Konstantin Chaykin, a Russian elitist watch brand.
  • Private Banking is one of my biggest clients when it comes to events.

Casale & CoLM: Do you have a favourite brand you’re working with at the moment? And what’s so exciting about it?
CC: All my clients are favourites. Casale & Co’s DNA is to work with passion and enthusiasm.

LM: Anything new for 2015?
CC: More clients will join my team in 2015, but nothing I can talk about yet. But they will come from the high-end watch brands sector.

We will also open Casale & Co Architects that will represent some high level international architects who we will introduce to the best developers in the UK.

LM: What are the most important criteria for a brand to succeed in the luxury industry?
CC: Innovation is one of the key concepts to success in this competitive field. I’m only satisfied when I satisfy my clients’ needs and requests.

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