Piaget Possession – Turn And The World Is Yours

Piaget Possession - Turn And The World Is Yours 2
Piaget Possession - Turn And The World Is Yours

A simple gesture makes the magic happen. Turn, caress, light a spark… And the world is yours!

More than a piece of jewellery, Possession is an intimate companion for today’s woman, firmly rooted in her times and supremely confident in her choices. It is to her that Piaget dedicates an evocative and addictive jewellery ritual. A collection of iconic rings, earrings and pendant necklaces, enriched this year with bangle bracelets – to be worn alone or in generous combinations.

Turn and the world is yours!

Jessica Chastain, international ambassador of the Maison Piaget
Jessica Chastain, international ambassador of the Maison Piaget

She revels in Possession!
A free-spirited urbanite who accepts no curbs on her liberty, she loves exploring new territories, views life in CinemaScope and flaunts a resolutely bold attitude. Endowed with a many-sided personality, strong yet touchingly vulnerable, she is open to the world at large. Her singular nature makes her comfortable with every facet of her personality and she consistently avoids complying with expectations. From Paris to New York, from Moscow to Seoul and from London to Milan, she strides her way through the world’s capitals while losing nothing of her natural charm and femininity. In a heartbeat, she steps out of the power game to enjoy a delicious meal with friends or playtime with her kids. A city beauty who celebrates her own personal style, she regularly swaps her elegant business suit for a boho chic look, her cocktail dress for a cosy tracksuit, her stilettoes for fur loafers. Her distinguishing feature? She revels in Possession!

“Turn and the world is yours”… making dreams come true
There is something magical about this signature statement of the Possession collection advertising campaign. Suggesting a conscious or unconscious gesture. A freely chosen and evocative jewellery ritual that soon proves addictive. An open invitation to turn the wheel of destiny offering a boundless realm of possibilities, Possession has a unique power, that of sparking good vibes. Turning the ring with a simple gesture, however discreet, and captivating the world. Turning the ring, making time stand still and allowing memories to dance through the mind. Caressing it and feeling positive energy flowing through us. Turning again and making dreams come true. More than a piece of jewellery, Possession is an epicurean aspiration, an ideal of emancipation, a self-assured sense of ambition, a smiling nod to life… The unwavering ally of a woman firmly rooted in the reality of her times.

The world is hers
“When I’m wearing the Possession ring, whether I’m working or daydreaming, I usually find myself turning it and it makes me feel like I am the master of my own dreams” comments Jessica Chastain, international ambassador of the Maison Piaget. Who better than this undeniably talented and highly successful actress who makes light of conventions – this beautiful, accessible and committed young woman – to embody the vibrant singularity of this collection?

Cult ring
Interpreting the concept of the mobile ring, a range of rings, earrings, pendants or bracelets establish themselves as highly desirable icons that sweep us into an enchanting world of endless movement. Sublime companions to be slipped onto the finger, two pink gold rings epitomise Piaget’s creative daring and excellence. The first opts for an understated duo between pink gold and a brilliant-cut solitaire diamond. The second more opulently gem set model combines a ring set with a row of diamonds with a second featuring the original central diamond.

Wrist ritual
The rings are now echoed in the new collection of Possession bracelets, with each of their two ends featuring the iconic turning ring. Piaget is thereby initiating new rituals in terms of both wear and touch. A flexible pink or white gold bangle bracelet with its two delicately rounded rings beg for a touch that is at once plural and singular, free and inspired, sensual and soothing. A precious bangle to slide on and wear either alone or with several others to adorn the wrist and work the current trend. Rings on top or below? Swapping them around? To each woman her own ritual. Turn, caress, spark… and the world is yours!

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