The Piaggio MP3 Sport Advanced 500 Three Wheel Scooter Ticks all the Boxes

The Piaggio MP3 Sport Advanced 500 Three Wheel Scooter Ticks all the Boxes

A 500cc machine you can ride on your car licence is an attractive proposition to avoid congestion and public transport. The Piaggio MP3 Sport Advanced 500 is precisely that, a three-wheel scooter that makes you feel safer on the roads and something I found to be a pleasure to ride.

I have ridden many variations of motorcycles and scooters since I started riding, aged 11, but I had never been on one with three wheels until last week. Although I say never, that’s not entirely true, I should say that I haven’t ridden a three-wheel bike like the Piaggio MP3 Sport Advanced 500, which has two wheels at the front and the third at the rear. Piaggio is the market leader in this technology, and it clearly shows in the overall quality of the scooter.

The front two-wheel configuration has several benefits to the rider, the primary one being stability. It is not only evident when riding but also when getting on and off the scooter. A feature known as the Blocking Mechanism locks the front suspension when you engage it.

A closeup view of the front of the scooter showing the wheel configuration

The two front wheels then act as a balance so you can get on and off the bike without it needing to be put on the centre stand. It allows you to park up and get straight off without any lifting.

When you return to the scooter, climb on, start it, and when you accelerate to pull away, the lock disengages. I found the MP3 Sport Advanced 500’s double wheel configuration gave me great stability when cornering, particularly when it came to moving through traffic.

Image showing the MP3 Sport Advanced 500 being ridden at speed

Another thing I enjoyed abut the MP3 Sport Advanced 500 was the power, which comes from Piaggio’s “half-litre” High-Performance engine. It is a single-cylinder 500 cc, 4-valve, liquid-cooled engine, fed by electronic injection. It is said to be exceptionally robust and reliable and features “Ride-by-Wire”, an electronic acceleration system.

The power delivery is super smooth and comes in gently even if you wind the throttle back hard. Perfect for safety and ideal around town. The pleasant surprise is when you get the machine out on the open road and start winding the speed up. The 500 cc engine is impressive and is capable of whisking you to above 70 mph quickly. It can then maintain this speed for hours with frugal fuel use; the economy is excellent.

The Piaggio MP3 range has an ABS anti-locking braking system integrated with ASR traction control (Acceleration Slip Regulation). ASR increases safety by keeping the rear wheel from slipping on dangerous surfaces like wet asphalt.

A closer view of the instruments and buttons on the scooter

The MP3 Sport Advanced 500 can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing exclusive features for an even more rewarding and enjoyable riding experience. Take telephone calls using the connectivity button on the left-hand handlebar block. You can activate your favourite playlist using the smartphone’s voice commands to place calls or play music.

The Piaggio App can also indicate engine revs, torque, instantaneous power, average fuel consumption, battery voltage and an assessment of riding style. The App connected to the smartphone conveniently activates the find me and follow me functions, making the turn indicators flash and the horn blow to easily find your vehicle even in the most crowded car parks and the low beam lights.

A close up view of the handlebars and control switches on the scooter

Reverse gear is an option, using a dedicated control on the dashboard, with the engine on and at a standstill. A function that further heightens the practicality of the Piaggio MP3, making for more accessible, less physical parking even in narrow garages or in situations where there is little room to manoeuvre, increasingly likely in the city.

The storage space under the seat which can comfortable store two helmets

Final thoughts
An attractive benefit of the MP3 range is that the models can be ridden on a car licence. Take a CBT, and you can ride with L plates which is a great incentive for people looking to get into biking or just wanting to beat traffic congestion or avoid public transport.

Piaggio’s MP3 Sport Advanced 500 is highly impressive and extremely versatile. Jump on it wearing office clothes, and you can comfortably commute to work; it will allow you to breeze through traffic and park up close to your destination.

Equally, you can pile on the camping gear and head off anywhere on tour, and the scooter will perform superbly. The power delivery is subtle, which is ideal for most riding and riders that the MP3 will be used in and by. I would love to own one as a second machine.

Piaggio MP3 Sport Advanced 500 – Where and How?

The 500 is one of the versions in the MP3 range. The price range from £7,000.00 for the MP3 300 and go up to £9,500.00 for the MP3 Sport Advanced 500.

The MP3 Sport Advanced 500 is available in four (all matte) colours. Nero Meteora and Blu Zaffiro, Argento Cometa and Marrone Terra. All four are combined with black wheel rims and saddles. For more information on the Piaggio MP3 Sport advanced, accessories and other models in the range, visit

Thank you to Dearden Motorcycles for the loan of the Piaggio MP3 Sport Advanced 500. For more information on them and to see their current range of products, please visit

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The Piaggio MP3 Sport Advanced 500 Three Wheel Scooter Ticks all the Boxes 2


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