Pierre Marcolini’s Mother’s Day Chocolates Are Almost Too Good To Share

Pierre Marcolini’s Mother’s Day Chocolates

When it comes to Mother’s Day, you can’t go wrong with a box of decadent choccies, and these are truly divine.

Whoever the mother figure is in your life, chances are, she’s got a soft spot for good choc. And what better way to put a smile on her face this Mother’s Day (it’s March 31 by the way), than with a box of chocolates as unique as she is?

Pierre Marcolini’s exquisite choccie collection really does transport truffles to new heights.

Pierre is a world-renowned chocolatier who takes the art of chocolate making very seriously. (What a hero.)

Every year, he travels the world in search of the rarest cocoa beans to make the foundation of his chocolatey creations. He roasts the beans himself, while his expert team of artisans take care of the assembly.

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Rare and precious ingredients go into the fillings, like the finest Italian hazelnuts, pink peppercorns from Morocco and zesty Sicilian lemons.

The result? Unique-tasting creations that are utterly delicious and have gained accolades worldwide.

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Pierre’s Mother’s Day collection includes his much-loved heart-shaped chocolate “Cœurs”.

Flavours include classic raspberry with dark chocolate ganache, raspberry pulp and lemon zest, as well as lemon, passion fruit, pistachio praline and salted butter caramel.

The signature box is a great option too, with pure ganaches, crunchy pralines and the famous “Cœurs”.

The best part about giving Pierre’s chocolates as a Mother’s Day gift is that she’ll probably love them so much that she’ll share them with you.

Or maybe not.

Pierre Marcolini’s 2019 Mother’s Day collection is available now from the Marylebone Boutique, counters in Harrods.

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