Glamping In Style at Plush Tents Glamping Yurts in the South Downs

Glamping In Style at Plush Tents Glamping Yurts in the South Downs

2021 has been the year of staycations, glamping and Biophilia, which is the theory that humans have a genetic affinity with the natural world. During recent months, countless people have headed outdoors to get closer to nature, and one way to do this while still having all the creature comforts is with a stay at Plush Tents Glamping Yurts in the South Downs.

Plush Tents Glamping is an award-winning sustainable yurt village nestled in the picturesque South Downs and is an ideal place to disconnect from your gadgets and gallop into the great outdoors no matter what the British weather has in store. It was exactly what Luxurious Magazine’s deputy online editor Sabi Phagura needed, so she packed her bags and headed to one of England’s most picturesque areas to unwind, unleash her Biophilia and align herself with nature.

The Plush Tents Glamping Experience
Connecting with nature has always been close to my heart, but my experience of sleeping in the great outdoors has been somewhat limited. It doesn’t help I feel the cold more than the average person, but a quick scroll on the Plush Tent Glamping website and discovering all 12 yurts have cosy woodturning stoves left me feeling warm inside and ready to go.

The entrance to the glamping site with the word Sapere Vivere carved above it, meaning live the life

It’s clear from the onset that a tremendous amount of work has gone into making the Plush Tents Glamping site every bit as luxurious as it can be but without being stuffy.

Even the location, hidden off the road, is clever and your off-grid living for a few days begins immediately you leave it. Once at the site, the owners Makka and Louise gave my parents and me a chilled-out vibe, as did their friendly staff, who were quick to offload our luggage and help us get settled in.

The bed inside one of the yurts

There’s no other way to describe the Plush Tents Glamping yurts other than chic and elegant. Each one houses a handcrafted bed underneath a canopy, a chesterfield sofa, a dressing area, natural coir flooring with rugs or sheepskins and, of course, the aforementioned woodburning stoves complete with chopped logs and matches.

Electricity is provided via a power bank which you connect to power the light. It’s also portable, letting you charge your phone on the go.

A photo showing the yurts positioned to take full advantage of the natural surroundings

Outside, each of the Plush Tents Glamping yurts has a picnic table, a gas-operated double stove, barbecue and a hammock. The yurts are pitched within a patch of woodland, striking a good balance between privacy and mingling with fellow glampers. There are also three water points on the campsite to collect water from so you don’t even have to travel too far to fetch your H2O.

The weather actually behaved the weekend my parents and I arrived, so we barely needed to use the communal mess kitchen, preferring to cook al-fresco.

Mum was super organised and had pre-prepared traditional Indian food to be cooked as and when we decided to dine. It was stored with refrigeration provided by ice blocks in the kitchen.

One of the communal areas at the site

In an age of over-the-top social media consumption, it was refreshing to have very little WiFi at the site. In a role reversal where my parents are social media addicts, it was great to communicate with them without the interference of phones. To be honest, we only really took them out to take pictures to capture the moments of our three-day stay.

The Plush Tents Glamping communal campfire further helps communication and bolster community banter, and you can go there any time of the day. But it was the evenings at 8 pm which drew the crowds in with a promise of hot chocolate from the open-air kiosk.

It also gave us the opportunity to toast marshmallows by the fire, which was a lot of fun.

Someone enjoying the wood fired hot tub in the great outdoors

A wood-fired hot tub overlooking the neighbouring field is a great way to unwind if you’re not already chilled. Although it says the tub seats eight people, it felt it was best suited for five. Slots of 45-minute sessions need to be pre-booked, so there are no frustrating moments of anyone hogging it, similar to people bagging sun loungers around a pool.

To get refreshed at the end of the day, facilities include four hot showers (gas-powered) and six flushing toilets (including one disabled). But if you want to embrace the whole outdoor living experience, there are also two composting toilets allowing you to do your bit for nature.

People relaxing and interacting at the Yurt Village

The yurt village is both child and dog friendly. There’s a great children’s play area on-site, and dogs can enjoy a good stroll in the fresh air with plenty of walks to be had in the surrounding bridleways.

Inside the Home Yurt with its leather Chesterfield sofas

A huge ‘Home’ yurt with ample Chesterfield sofas dotted around not only provides a sanctuary from the cold weather but also acts as a cinema on designated nights if you are missing out on screen time.

Staff did, however, tell us that the majority of the children only last in there a mere few minutes before dashing off into nature. Now that’s not something you often hear nowadays.

One of the yurts hidden away in the natural surroundings

Final thoughts
Lying in woodland yet shrouded in luxury is the way forward if you want to marry both nature and creature comforts. I’ve always held the view that happiness can be found in the simple things in life.

The lockdown actually taught us that when we were forced to stay away from our nearest and dearest. So, give yourself time to reconnect with each other as well as nature. And as far as glamping goes, this patch of woodland in the south downs is not a bad place to start.

Plush Tents Glamping – Where and how?

Plush Tents Glamping is suitable for corporate and wedding parties as well as families, romantics and groups of friends. The yurt village can be found at Chapel Lane, Oakwood, Chichester, West Sussex, PO18 9AW. A two night midweek stay starts from £200. For more information, visit

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Glamping In Style at Plush Tents Glamping Yurts in the South Downs 2


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