Pollen+Grace: London’s Healthy Eating Delivery Service

Pollen+Grace: London’s Healthy Eating Delivery Service 4

What does being ‘fit and healthy’ mean to you?
Listening to my body and giving it the food and exercise it needs. For me, I love exercising on the weekdays. It energises me for the day, releases stress and clears my mind. I also eat pretty much every meal at work during the week so I’m lucky to naturally eat well. On the weekends though, if I have a croissant I won’t feel guilty.

How do you think Londoner’s attitudes towards health and fitness have changed in the past few years?
It’s been amazing to see how drastically London has changed. Three years ago when I first started to create Pollen+Grace, healthy eating was such a small niche which people thought was crazy. I’ve loved seeing the industry grow, and seeing the benefits of a healthy lifestyle spreading.

Pollen+Grace: London’s Healthy Eating Delivery Service 5

As an entrepreneur, how do you balance working hard with eating well and staying healthy? Any tips for our readers?
Luckily, running a healthy food business means it’s very easy to eat well. I genuinely believe that (trying to) maintain a healthy lifestyle has helped me and my business partner Kristina survive the start-up roller coaster. For us, the most important thing has been to make sure we take a little bit of time each day which is only for us.

This is why we start each day with an early gym class at 7 am to destress and reset our brains, before reaching our desks for 8.15am, which is when the madness begins and usually doesn’t stop for 12 hours!

I also try to switch off for at least one day at the weekends because otherwise I just burn myself out, although this was much harder to do in the early days. Now, my partner will just confiscate my phone if he sees me checking emails on the weekend.

What’s a great post-gym breakfast for busy city workers?
Something that you can make up the night before, for me it’s a green smoothie packed with vegan protein, avocado and coconut water – the avocado keeps me full for ages. If you’re grabbing something on the go our Chia Pots are a brilliant post gym workout, with lots of vitamins and minerals, and a good protein hit.

With summer on the way, what’s the healthiest alcoholic drink we can have if we’re heading to the pub after work?
We believe in living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Which means that you can enjoy and drink what you feel like in moderation. For a healthier option at the moment I’m enjoying a Vodka and Kombucha mixer, although I’m not sure if pubs have adopted this one just yet.

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What big food trends are on their way in?
Here are our top predictions for 2017 food trends: Link

Pollen+Grace – Where and How?

Pollen+Grace products are available at over 50 stores across London including Planet Organic, Harrods, Selfridges & Co, SOURCED market, Simply Fresh, PSYCLE and As Nature Intended.

They’re available for delivery at home or work Monday-Friday across Zones 1-3, with sweet treats available nationwide.

Find out more at www.pollenandgrace.com

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