French Flair and Passion Standout in the DS 7 Crossback

DS Connected Pilot allows degrees of autonomy and you can choose various options in your car.

RIVOLI is inspired from the famous shopping street, lined with high-end boutiques selling luxury items.  Walk along see the famed Tuileries gardens, finally taking in the Louvre Palace. Noble materials, including authentic grained leather, with a diamond-themed design, express style, and sophistication.

The most luxurious interior is Opera, inspired by the Palais Garnier opera house. One of the most renowned venues in the world. It has a facade decorated with gold and elaborate marble friezes. It invokes opulence, which DS wants inside its cars. Nappa leather is included in the top of the range trim.

Interior of the DS 7 Crossback Opera edition
Interior of the DS 7 Crossback Opera edition

From my time talking to the design team and the CEO of DS Automobiles it is apparent they want people to love driving their cars. They want the cars to be luxurious, beautiful, safe and above all great to drive. Autonomy and AI are becoming standard features in most new cars, this is true of all new DS vehicles. But the designers want the driver to still feel the pleasure of driving and the self-control, car lovers want. The DS 7 Crossback allows this with various options of safety technology above the already huge list of standard include features.

The transmission is the EAT8, Efficient Automatic Transmission with 8 speeds, it keeps engine speeds low providing fuel savings and has quick gear-changing keeping the ride smooth at all times. Totally compatible with autonomous functions of the car, Park Assist, and Connected Pilot.

As I mentioned the DS 7 has so much technology as standard, so I will touch on a few of the key features that stand out. DS and Citroen have always been linked to innovative suspension with their use of air to cushion vehicles, they even showed off early cars in the 1960s being driven on three wheels. The suspension adapting to hold the car body level. 2018 and DS ACTIVE SCAN SUSPENSION arrives.

The system uses cameras and analyses the road ahead adjusting the suspension automatically, ironing out unevenness on the road. The front and rear axles are connected to a camera located behind the windscreen, this works in combination with four height sensors and three accelerometers to calculate the car’s speed, steering input, and braking. An Electronic control unit takes the data and governs each wheel independently, adjusting for firmer or softer suspension.

This function is available between 8mph and 70mph and has three different modes:
– Sports
– Normal (this is the default mode)
– Comfort Camera.

I certainly felt the benefit of the superb suspension over the course of hundreds of miles of motorway and Autoroute surfaces. The car glided over the rough concrete and tarmac keeping myself and Co-Driver very comfortable.

DS Connected Pilot allows degrees of autonomy and you can choose various options in your car. Full hands-off driving can be experienced with Pilot linked to Stop and Go active cruise control, allowing the car to control speed according to the vehicle in front, and positioning the DS in the centre of the road lane.  The camera within the car continuously analyses the road ahead so it knows the vehicle’s position within the boundaries of the road markings. Any deviation from course across the markings and the steering is adjusted slightly to bring the car back online. If you are meaning to cross the lines, when indicating to change lanes, the steering is not affected.

The DS system appears a lot more subtle than other manufacturers’ systems which tend to heavily apply steering inputs, particularly unnerving when you a pushing a car through some twisty sections and meaning to cut a straight line on some bends. In these makes, I always choose to turn off the lane departure controls. Not so in the DS 7.

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