French Flair and Passion Standout in the DS 7 Crossback

The DS 7 has Park Pilot, using sensors to calculate what my brain has to.

When it comes to parking cars, I always prefer to use my built-in technology. My brain and eyes to calculate the space, and angle of entry etc. The DS 7 has Park Pilot, using sensors to calculate what my brain has to. It can completely park the car with no input from the driver. A parking space can be driven past at up to 18 mph and the dimensions can be calculated, to guarantee the car can be parked. As the driver, I can take back control at any time during the procedure. Once you have allowed the system to park a few times, you do get more relaxed.

I touched briefly on the lights on the DS 7, but they do need a special mention.

It features full LED headlights with three rotating modules, an animated “Magic 3D” function and a main LED projector. The AFS  Adaptive Front System fitted is designed to adapt the lighting to the type of road. Three different selections are available for road types, then there is an Adverse Weather mode which activates when the windscreen wipers are automatically engaged.  Very clever and helpful technology that is not just there for show, it is very functional.

At night, the Adaptive Front System function manages different lighting modes for each driving situation. For each one, the angle and intensity of the main headlights and modules vary in order to increase or reduce the range of the beam. The modules swivel and dip to widen or direct the beam to light up the roadside to a greater or lesser extent. This function is active only if the lighting is in automatic mode and can be deactivated via the central touchscreen.

The three selections are Town, which is medium intensity and a wide beam enabling the driver to see a lot more in front of the car, such as people on pavements. Motorway is a cone of light with a raised beam suitable for fast roads. When driving at 70mph for more than five seconds, this beam is automatically engaged. High Beam can be activated at any time and is very intense with a range of 520 metres.

Mentioning all the specifications of the car and the technology included would take a long time and it really is best sampled by driving it as I was fortunate to do for three days.

I loved my short time in the DS 7, both as a driver and a passenger. It really is a drivers car that is great to drive, enjoyable and practical. As a Passenger, it offers the luxury we all want, in comfort and specifications, with an array of technology to hand. Prices are competitive with other manufacturers’ compact SUVs, but in the DS you do get a lot more elegance and specs as standard.

The car performs well, with enough power to move you along briskly

The car performs well, with enough power to move you along briskly and a very smooth transmission so changes are not felt. Handling is fine, no body roll when cornering at speed and the car soaks up the bumps (superbly), of which there are plenty on the roads down to the Eurotunnel. The DS 7, is spacious both for driver and passengers, allowing plenty of room for luggage and to spread out within the car. The great sound system allows your music of choice to be played as it is meant to be.

I would be happy to hand over 40k for the Prestige model I tested, but my bank manager would have something to say. Sadly it would not be can I have a lift in it?

DS 7 Crossback Specifications:

Model-driven: DS 7 CROSSBACK – PERFORMANCE Line BlueHDi 180 EAT8 (8-Speed Auto) in Platinum Grey

  • Cost of Test Car: £38,285
  • Warranty: 3 years, 60,000 miles
  • Max speed: 134 mph
  • 0-62mph: 9.9 seconds
  • Extra urban: 64.2mpg
  • Urban cycle: 50.4mpg
  • Combined: 57.6mpg
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 55 litres (14.53 gallons)
  • Length: 4.57m
  • Height: 1.62m
  • Width: 1.89m
  • Boot: 628 Litres

For more information on the DS 7 Crossback, click here.

DS 7 Crossback article by Jeremy Webb

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