Positive Parcel Offers the Nation a Hug in a Box in this Difficult Year

Positive Parcel Offers the Nation a Hug in a Box in this Difficult Year

Life isn’t always easy, and things often don’t go to plan. With what’s happened this year, people wouldn’t say no to some more positivity in their lives. This is where Positive Parcel’s and their Hug in a Box comes to the forefront.

Right now, Covid-19 is bringing the world to a standstill, and it has had a detrimental impact on how we feel. In fact, recent statistics from the Office for National Statistics found that by June, two months into the initial lockdown, instances of reported depression had doubled from pre-lockdown rates (from around 10% of adults, to around 20%) and by August 40% of adults reported that coronavirus was affecting their wellbeing.

As the nation heads into a second lockdown with no sunny weather to escape our homes and the economic impact of the initial lockdown having a profound effect on most, the impact on our mental health is expected to be even worse.

The Positive Parcel Hug in a Box

One company who is trying to make a difference is Positive Parcel. In short, Positive Parcel is a hug in a box that brings positivity to people’s lives. The parcel is full of handpicked treats to put a smile on your face, encourage self-care, and most importantly spread some positivity!

“We all must fight battles, some of which nobody knows about. Things change our lives, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Some days are a little foggy, and you must realise that it’s okay not to be okay all of the time,” says the founder of Positive Parcel, Jack Knowles.

“We wanted to launch Positive Parcel to bring some positivity to people’s lives through their post, whether young or old, female or male, PositiveParcel is for everyone, and we want it to brighten your day. Remember, a positive mind will give you a positive life.”

Positive Parcel is a handpicked selection of treats that encourages self-care and positivity but most importantly reminds a loved one, a colleague, a neighbour or anyone that needs their day brightening up you are thinking of and appreciate them.

What’s more, and quite probably the best bit, Positive Parcel is also donating a percentage of the profits from every parcel to the NHS and a selection of mental health charities.

We all need to be conscious of each other’s well being and look out for each other, especially over the next few months. For me, I couldn’t think of anything better to spend my money on.

Order your Hug in a Box from the online shop

Positive Parcel Hug in a Box Information

The Hug in a Box is available to purchase on the Positive Parcel online shop at www.positiveparcel.co.uk.

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Positive Parcel Offers the Nation a Hug in a Box in this Difficult Year 2


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