We Put The ‘Prep & Rep Bag’ Through Its Paces

We Put The ‘Prep & Rep Bag’ Through Its Paces

We review one of the best meal prep bags on the market, created by three business women who know the challenge of juggling fitness with a demanding career.

Packing pre-prepared meals when you’re out and about (also known as ‘meal prepping’) has become increasingly popular since the rise of fitness celebrities like Joe Wicks ‘The Body Coach’.

Millions of us are now meal prepping. Look inside any office fridge and you’ll more than likely find shelf upon shelf of containers filled with food prepared the night before.

We Put The ‘Prep & Rep Bag’ Through Its Paces 3

So, why meal prep?
Preparing your days’ meals in advance is a sure-fire way to make sure you stay on track with your fitness goals and stick to the right portion sizes.

By taking your meals to work or on the road, you’ll avoid leaving the office at noon on a mad dash to find the quickest, easiest lunch which more often than not, is unhealthy.

However, hauling all that Tupperware to work, as I know all too well, is a nightmare. They’re not handbag or rucksack-friendly, especially if you travel far, and should a lid fall off, you’re in for a disaster. Plus it’s a faff fumbling around your bag for your keys or your wallet when you’re transporting plastic boxes.

That’s where handy meal prep bags come in. They’re purpose-designed for carrying your meals and your gym essentials.

We got our hands on one of the very latest meal prep bags, called the Prep and Rep bag. It was created by three female entrepreneurs trying to juggle careers and fitness plans, whilst making healthy diet choices.

One of the great things about the bag is the quality. Especially with so many boutique fitness brands emerging, many of them flogging low-quality gear at designer prices. The Prep and Rep bag is sturdy but lightweight and will hold its shape even when it’s empty.

There’s enough compartment space for an entire days’ meals, and all your supplements and drinks. And it’s washable too. Plus, the compartments are separate and easily accessed front the front flap which makes organising your meals a dream.

We Put The ‘Prep & Rep Bag’ Through Its Paces 4

Even better, the bag comes with a selection of dishwasher-safe containers and bottles, including a water bottle, four food boxes, a supplement container, a smoothie bottle and a protein shaker.

Debra Stuart, CEO of Prep and Rep said: “Meal prepping is an efficient way to ensure you eat the right foods and stay on track for weight loss or general health and fitness goals even when you are pressed for time. The point of meal prep is to make life easier for you during the week. And that’s why we created Prep and Rep – to help make ease the pressures of making healthy choices. The Prep and Rep bag is lightweight and stylish and keeps your food and drinks cool all day.”  

The Prep and Rep bag – Where and How?

The Prep and Rep bag costs £69.99 and comes in four colours. For more information or to buy, visit www.prepandrep.co.uk.

The bag comes with a selection of dishwasher-safe containers and bottles

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