How To Prepare Your Business For Pizza Day 2020

How To Prepare Your Business For Pizza Day 2020

When everyone around lost their heads about Valentine’s day, celebrate the Pizza Day instead. Pizza Day is celebrated on February 9th, and you have just enough time to prepare your business for it. Here are some ideas on how to make this day memorable for your clients.

Pizza Is Not A Pizza Without… Your Business
This tip is not universal, but it will work for some. Check your business and see if you offer something that is pizza-related. It can be something obvious like flour, cheese, or salami. But it can also be knives, baking trays, or even firewood – for pizza baking. Inform your customers about upcoming pizza day, and remind them that no pizza is complete without your exclusive offer.

Whatever You Do, Do It In A Pizza Way
Pizza is such a great thing that sometimes just looking at it makes you happy. That might be the reason why pizza patterns are in fashion this season. The Cut writes: “Pizza is so simple: a carbohydrate disc, doused with sauce and covered in molten cheese. This year, however, it has taken on new significance. Pizza has gone from food to fashion item.”

If your business is not pizza-related in any way, you can create a link with fashion items. It can be anything from socks to t-shirts, or pins, pendants, and other accessories. You can dress up your employees or gift those items to customers. This way, people will get something to remember Pizza Day and your business.

Collaboration With Pizzeria
A report says that 71% of consumers report that the use of on-demand delivery apps (like UberEats, Grub Hub, Handy, Glamsquad) has influenced what they expect when they shop online. Fast shipment is always an advantage, but this day you can work on an extra fast delivery within a couple of hours.

So, if your business offers delivery, Pizza Day is a great way to collaborate with pizzeria and show that you deliver as fast as pizzeria would. For example, you can provide a complimentary slice of pizza with a promise that both: purchase and pizza will be delivered so fast that pizza will still be hot.

Make It Personal – Share A Recipe
Some businesses don’t have direct contact with customers. If you are in a similar situation, there are other ways to make it personal. Think of pizza you enjoy the most, and share its’ recipe with your customers. You can put it in your business blog or upcoming newsletter. And don’t forget to share your story, who you are, and why you enjoy this one pizza.

Arnas Stuopelis, Chairman of web hosting provider Hostinger, highlights blogging: “Business can often get very technical, but blogs remind that behind every logo there are humans. Personal blog posts help to form a more personable relationship between the team and the customer.”

Pizza For The Team
Not all celebrations have to be public. You can enjoy Pizza Day with your colleagues only. Order some pizzas, end your workday early, and enjoy the company of each other. According to a study in the journal Human Performance, “eating as a team may help coworkers building camaraderie and foster deeper work relationships. This, in turn, can boost productivity.” So this Pizza Day might be a good reason to improve both: teams’ relationship and productivity.

Day-to-day work-life can be boring sometimes. To make it a little bit more fun, you shouldn’t miss out on Pizza Day. Celebrate it by suggesting special offers for pizza-related items. If nothing in your business is pizza-related, you can turn to fashion and dress up as a pizza! For a more impressive move, you can offer delivery that is as fast as pizza delivery. If delivery is not the case for you, you can celebrate this day by sharing your favourite pizza recipe in your blog or newsletter.

And last but not least, to truly feel the spirit of Pizza day, order pizzas to your workplace and enjoy them with your colleagues.

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