The New Normal – Some Ways to Prepare for This New Way of Life

The New Normal - What is the Best Way To Prepare for This New Way of Life?

The ‘New Normal’ are two words we’ve heard around the world a great deal lately. What is the new normal, and how do you prepare for it? One of the UK’s leading life coaches and personal development experts Carole Anne Rice has given us her thoughts on how we can all prepare.

In the space of a few months, everything has changed, and people around the world are experiencing a different way of living. People are now finding themselves spending time contemplating, learning techniques work remotely while gaining more appreciation for things that matter outside of the materialistic world.

There have been some positive aspects arising from the lockdown, namely that community spirit has increased, the art of verbal communication has come back, families are bonding, and people are reconnecting. Also, the world is a far cleaner place, and flora and fauna have had the opportunity to flourish. In many ways, this ‘new normal’ has allowed us to understand what’s truly important.

The New Normal - Some Ways to Prepare for This New Way of Life 4
We all have thoughts on how we can adapt to this ‘new normal’. However, some of us might need a little help, and fortunately, Carole Ann Rice has given us five tips to help prepare.
The New Normal - Some Ways to Prepare for This New Way of Life 4

The New Normal - What is the Best Way To Prepare for This New Way of Life?
Carol Ann Rice.

1. Start investing in your virtual emotional connectivity – technology has brought so many new ways to connect with people. With social media, video chat and email, there are countless ways to maintain relationships and check in with people. Make use of these (mostly free!) tools and nurture your connections during this time.

2. Learn everything you can – knowledge is power. It’s also a fun and productive way to pass the time, ensuring that when we finally come out of lockdown, we’ll be more capable and informed than when we went in. Learn a new language for those post quarantine adventures!

3. Figure out what you are good at and run with it – what’s your skill? What are you good at? We all have many things we love and have a natural ability for, and now’s the time to identify it (if you haven’t already!). It’ll improve your direction and give you a sense of purpose.

4. Focus on action and progress, even if incremental – progress doesn’t have to be large and flashy. In fact, the most sustainable growth is often a build-up of small actions. Celebrate any movement that’s in the right direction – it’ll motivate you to do more!

5. Be proactive about decision making and investing in the future – this lockdown will eventually end and, when it does, be ready to hit the ground running. Be ready to change areas of your life that need changing and invest in the future. Perhaps it’ll encourage you to make even more changes and truly revamp your lifestyle.

Carol Ann Rice – Where and how?

Carol Ann helps all around the world discover the best version of themselves. The majority of Carol’s work involves focusing on the here and now and is different from what you may experience in therapy. If you want to get in contact with Carol Ann, visit her website

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The New Normal - Some Ways to Prepare for This New Way of Life 4


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