Three Affordable Products That Make Working From Home Even Better

Products that make working from home better

Millions of people across the world have embraced the pleasure of working from home. However, as good as your home set up is, you can always find space for a few small items, particularly if they can make the home working experience better, more practical and in some cases, fun.

Recently, we were invited to look at the range of products available from Kikkerland. There were three that stood out, and a month on, we’re still using them today. Rather than keep the experience to ourselves, we decided to write a short guide explaining which ones we found most useful and why.

The Kikkerland Live Streaming Kit with phone holder and light

Kikkerland Live Streaming KitThis year has seen many changes. One of these has been the number of people that are now working from home. Fortunately, technological advancements have helped to make this much simpler, and one of the biggest assets to help us has been free video conferencing software.

Nowadays, engaging in remote meetings and video chats to colleagues and clients have never been simpler.

Some people choose to conduct a video meeting from a desktop or notebook, which can be quite restrictive. After all, you might not be in front of your computer when that urgent video call needs to be made, and there’s nothing worse than trying to handhold a mobile phone or trying to find the right place to balance it.

This is where the first of the Kikkerland products we tried comes in handy. It is a Live Streaming Kit with phone holder and light.

Frequently, I’ve needed to make a video call when I’ve been out and about. I’ve always been faced with the same problems. Nowhere to balance the phone and the interior of a car has always been a little too dark.

One of the reasons why some people on YouTube have massive amounts of followers is they look really good, and the reason for this is they use the correct lighting. Lighting is such a key ingredient if you want to look your very best on video, it helps to hide many of the facial imperfections we’re all blessed with. I am sure you’ve experienced seeing yourselves in a photo or on video when it’s dark and dingy, so you’ll know what I mean.

Kikkerland Live Streaming Kit LED light

The Kikkerland Live Streaming Kit solves the problem. It has two arms, one to hold the phone and the other being a decent sized circular USB light. As it uses a standard USB connector, you can plug it into your car, clip your mobile to your steering wheel and alter the light to ensure you look your best. And the best bit? It kit doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg!

Kikkerland Live Streaming Kit remote control and clip

The device has two lighting modes, warm and white, and both of these can be adjusted via the remote control on the cable. The phone clamp is sturdy, and the bendable arms are quite robust, allowing you to get the right angle. The all-in-one kit is quite small and lightweight, which means you can set it up anywhere as long as you can power it via the USB connector. So, video conference meetings at home in the kitchen, parked up in a car or even outside in the park with a portable USB power bank is now not only possible but extremely simple.

Many people would presume that you need to spend a lot of money to achieve professional results, and this clearly is not the case thanks to this Live Streaming Kit. My mantra has been if you can achieve the desired results by spending less, why not?

The Kikkerland Live Streaming Kit with phone holder and light is priced at £25 and can be purchased here.

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Three Affordable Products That Make Working From Home Even Better 2

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