Prove You Love Yourself With a High-Quality Food Subscription Service

Love Yourself Food Subscription Service

With going to a restaurant now a distant memory, Sabi Phagura tries out ‘Love Yourself’, a new Michelin-starred food subscription and delivery service.

Getting fast food and other chain takeouts delivered to your door may have become a tad blasé. If that is the case, perhaps now is the time to cast your eye to a special meal service with a difference. This is where ‘Love Yourself’ comes in.

The new food subscription service is taking self-care to a whole new level, and it’s no wonder enquiries to their website are growing rapidly. They deliver delicious Michelin starred food direct to your door. All you have to do is heat it up, pop it on a fancy plate and dine like a king or queen right from the comfort of your own home.

Love Yourself is dedicated to health, happiness and wellbeing

All the food prepared at Love Yourself is dedicated to health, happiness and wellbeing during the lockdown and beyond. You can hang up your apron for the day as no cooking is required yet you still get to enjoy delicious, nutritious and quality meals.

We all know that during the lockdown, it is even more essential to maintain the attitude of ‘healthy body, healthy mind’, and that is what lays at the heart of this food subscription service.

With one less thing on your ‘to-do’ list, you can focus your attention on other things to get on with. And because you are getting balanced meals, you can face the day well-nourished with a sense of positivity and motivation whatever comes our way.

And of course, at Luxurious Magazine, we don’t just take anyone’s word for it. We like to road test these promises for ourselves. Love Yourself offers plenty of choice and menu options for dietary requirements, such as vegetarian, gluten-free, keto or pescatarian.

All food is prepared in a clean, sanitized facility with strict hygiene procedures in place. It is also packaged in sterile, food-grade containers, with an airtight seal to ensure freshness and uncompromised hygiene, until it is opened and enjoyed in your own home.

Love Yourself Meal Contents

Our Performance Diet meal package arrived within the timescale (the meals arrive between 7-10 pm the night before) and was packaged as stated on the website. All six meals for one day were labelled in terms of when they were to be eaten (breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, dinner, etc.). All we had to do was wait until the next day to eat them.

Were we wowed? You bet we were! From the morning porridge with fruit to the buckwheat pancakes complete with chocolate sauce for one of the snacks, to cod with a good side order of mashed potato and greens, every meal was a delight. The calories were all accounted for, and it was clear from the taste that they were freshly prepared, using an exciting array of seasonal ingredients containing no processed meats, additives or preservatives.

Even the broccoli held its own without becoming soggy or mushy when heated up. With locally sourced, fresh and seasonal ingredients, it is full of immune-boosting vitamins and minerals.

Love Yourself Sweet and sour chicken noodles

The creators love to keep it exciting in the kitchen, changing diet menus weekly, so you’ll never get bored. This also encourages weight loss and improvements to your overall health. With Michelin star quality, Love Yourself raises the bar in food subscriptions to new heights.

And a bonus? There were no pots and pans to contend with, and you’re left with a clean and tidy kitchen and just the cutlery left to wash.

Love Yourself – Where and How?

The Love Yourself Meal Box is available to buy online from £21.00 (daily) at

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Prove You Love Yourself With a High-Quality Food Subscription Service 2


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