Purling London is Launching at Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman

Purling London is Launching at Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman

Christmas is coming and is the ideal time to explore Purling London, the brand that represents the biggest luxury of all: the opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends, in style.

In a world where we find ourselves stuck in the quicksand of endless ‘to do’ lists, drowning in a constant stream of emails and messages, it is more important than ever to reconnect with ourselves and with our loved ones to enjoy the beautiful things in life – and to be playful.

Purling London Art Chess and Art Games bring back classic games as an art form: fashionable and innovative interior design accessories embodying creativity, craftsmanship, and luxury.

Purling London Art Chess by Darren John (Turquoise)
Purling London Art Chess by Darren John (Turquoise).

Since 2012, Purling London has been collaborating with British and international artists to create beautiful and unique Art games. Each piece is individually hand-painted by the specially commissioned artists, and no two sets are the same. From world-famous figures to rising stars of the Contemporary Art scene, Purling has collaborated with over thirty artists, including Sophie Matisse, Tom Hackney, Mr Doodle and Thierry Noir.

Today Purling London offers a luxurious range of bespoke chess sets, backgammon boards, darts, card games and checkers, now launching at Bergdorf Goodman and at the ‘Saks Fifth Avenue Presenteur pop-up’ in Phoenix.

Stone Checkers coins in Red v White
Purling London Stone Checkers coins in Red v White.

The one-of-a-kind pieces are Hand-made in England, each Art Backgammon is a contemporary, one-off and playful centrepiece. Purling London’s Art Chess designs come with an artist-signed certificate and their exceptional maple or painted boards. Each hand-carved board is made from the finest Boxwood, triple weighted and all in the same characteristic Staunton style – they truly are a miniature sculptural masterpiece.

Stone Chess White v Black pieces in play with hand
Purling London Stone Chess – White v Black pieces.

A real eye-catcher in any interior, these pieces of art have a significant added value. What can be more delightful than having fun with friends or family, away from computer screens and iPhones? Playing is a great way to boost creativity, engage your brain, and release stress. For lovers of art, each Purling creation inspires by telling a different story.

Art Chess by Nette Robinson - Copper Peacock
Art Chess by Nette Robinson – Copper Peacock.

Purling London is passionate about creating new playful experiences, fresh family interactions, and contemporary design!” says Simon Purkis, Founder of Purling London.

“Our goal is to revitalise time-honoured games, mixing established forms with contemporary art and design influences. Purling London’s critically acclaimed, contemporary Chess, Backgammon and Checkers contrast traditional, by-hand-manufacturing against vivid colour, abstract art and theatrical illumination. Our unique board games, silver-gilded playing cards, and brand-new tungsten Darts are classic with a British twist.”

If you still looking for that unique Christmas gift for your loved one, visit Bergdorf Goodman or Saks Fifth Avenue Phoenix and discover Purling London.

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