Exclusive Interview with Quinta do Lago’s Chief Executive Sean Moriarty

Quinta do Lago Chief Executive Sean Moriarty

Portugal’s Quinta do Lago operates one of the most exclusive resorts in Europe, combining private property, accommodation and leisure activities in a unique setting. Their success over the last thirty years has been astonishing. Chief Executive Sean Moriarty shares some exclusive insights with Sabi Phagura.

LM: Quinta do Lago is one of the most exclusive resorts in Europe. Talk us through what the resort was like before you come along?
SM: Quinta do Lago (QDL) on the Algarve has a long-standing and remarkable legacy of golf. When I arrived, golf was the primary reason people came to the resort, and the clientele was, on average, aged 60+. The Ria Formosa was then, as it is now, a protected landscape surrounding the resort. Quinta do Lago has always been a place of sanctuary and quality of life. That has been consistent from the beginning – we have grown to promote wellness not only in leisure but in lifestyle.

Golf is one of the biggest draws at Quinta do Lago

LM: QDL has always been known for its golf. How did you evolve the leisure activities available to visitors?
SM: The Algarve is an incredible place for families, and Quinta do Lago has evolved to offer a lifestyle in line with the values and desires of modern families. Now, more than ever, safety, community and wellness are priorities for people, and we proudly offer that in a low-density, natural environment. The Campus sports and fitness hub has been the biggest evolution in this, with activities, programmes and facilities to support an entire family to live a healthy, active outdoor lifestyle.

We also have a very strong sports education offering, including a tennis academy, golf academy, triathlon training and one-to-one coaching, which is inspiring and growing the young champions of tomorrow.

Cycling at Quinta do Lago

LM: How has the clientele that the resort attracts changed over the years? 
SM: We have grown to become a family destination. We are proud to offer experiences, activities and events that appeal to every member of the family – from 0 to 100! Inclusivity and family values are rooted in our resort. Our golfers are still here, still having a blast, but so too are their grandchildren.

The beach at Quinta do Lago

The Algarve has fantastic private international schools, blue flag beaches and buzzing Portuguese communities, and located in the heart of it, Quinta do Lago is an idyllic place to reside and enjoy life together. Wellness, sustainability, quality time, connectivity, all these things and more have shaped what we now offer families.

Quinta do Lago natural environment

LM: Why do you think so many A-list celebrities and top athletes favour this resort over any other?
SM: There are several reasons, but our natural environment is definitely a key one. At Quinta do Lago, we proudly maintain a near-50-year commitment to preserving our natural landscapes. It’s our masterplan, and it’s what sets us apart from the rest.

Another reason is safety. We have a sophisticated security and surveillance team in operation 24/7. We maintain low-density and give people the privacy and space they need to relax and enjoy life. This isn’t only for celebrities – everyone in Quinta is entitled to this privilege. Of course, we also offer world-class facilities, like The Campus and award-winning golf courses, plus incredible restaurants, events and activities to enjoy some quality time together. The sense of community here is really special – it’s like a sanctuary.

Quinta do Lago residential property

LM: Looking at the residential market, what kind of properties do you have on your portfolio?
SM: Our most exciting real estate opportunity is in San Lorenzo North. With the long-standing expertise and connections of our real estate team, it’s possible to build the home of your dreams here. We’ve streamlined a turnkey solution to allow people to have a bespoke smart home designed and built-in one simple process. From architects to garden landscaping, interior design and smart home technology, Quinta do Lago has got it covered. Once it’s ready, the homeowner is given a key and welcomed into a lifestyle, unlike any other.

Interior of a property at Quinta do Lago

LM: What type of people decide to buy properties at the resort, and what kind of costs are we talking about?
SM: Quinta do Lago is a safe and secure investment to improve your quality of life. People who buy property here value safety and wellness and want to live an active lifestyle close to nature. People buy here to invest in their lives and make a positive change. Homes are selling for €14.5 million and €17 million.

LM: The Reserva development was a huge hit, and properties sold really quickly. Do you have similar developments coming up in the future?
SM: Reserva was a huge success – on average, 10,000+ euros per square meter. This has created a demand for clients looking for turnkey solutions and is why San Lorenzo North is such an exciting prospect. The homes of the future will be built here.

LM: What is the future of QDL and the challenges it faces in today’s market with COVID-19?
SM: Our world has changed considerably in just the last few weeks. Globally, we all face challenges. At Quinta do Lago, we are committed to providing people with an opportunity to invest in their lives, improve their quality of living and reconnect with the natural world. In our safe environment, where wellness, family and community are central to everything we do, the future is very bright.

We are also doing our bit to help during the global pandemic and have joined forces with residents at the resort to donate more than €500,000 towards the cost of buying essential hospital equipment to fight COVID-19. Quinta do Lago contributed €50,000 towards the cost of buying badly needed equipment, including CT scanners, ventilators, testing kits, heart rate monitors, echocardiogram machines, blood-testing kits and personal protective equipment.

LM: Thank you for your time Sean, and it has been great talking to you.

For more information on Quinta do Lago, visit their website at www.quintadolago.com.

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